Monday, May 7, 2007

Tales From The Scales

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Are you In?
I am.
How many of us have tried to take some weight off and not been able to do it on our own?
I have recently gotten rid off 38 pounds, but alas I have taken 11 of those pounds back.
It took me years to finally step up to the plate and do what I had to to get rid of them.
Now I am between sizes and I need to buy some summer clothes.
The time is now.

I am 41 and I want to put this battle behind me for good.
I have not weighed what I want since before my son was born. I packed on weight with him and did not take it off. Matter of fact I put on a few more pounds after him and then some more with the birth of my daughter.

So I have been ready to look in the mirror and like the outside as much as I like the inside.
I like me---that has taken me a long time to say. I am thankful for who God has made me and I love where he is taking me. I want the outside to line up with the inside.
What does she look like in my mind?
She looks about 30 pounds lighter.
Would I stand for a healthy 20--yes!

So the question is -----
Are you ready for a little change?
If so, go on over to Tales From The Scales
and see if you would like to join the women gathering there.
If so--see you at Tuesday weigh ins.


Tracy said...

Well, I guess since I am reading this with a spoon full of cookie dough in my mouth, I can't honestly say that I am in right this minute. But, I think the little doctor man with the nasty tea that we both know is calling my name. I am just going to have to bite the bullet (or in this case, drink the "sewer water") and just do it.

Karen said...

This is the journey I am on this year! I started my diet and fitness programme in January. This year I will turn 40 and at the same time the Lord was speaking to me on being self-disciplined in various areas, so there has been a 'dove-tailing'. I have lost 32lb so far and have 12lb to go to be at the 'ideal' weight. I am the lightest I have been in 17 years (what took me so long I ask myself!), and have had to become re-acquainted with the girl I used to be, in the form I am now. This journey has spread to my Bible reading, my study and other 'disciplines' (sounds a heavy word) but which have become a joy to me. Thanks for sharing, your posts are always so inspirational and you have a wonderful gift for writing.

Diane said...

Oh no! I'm reading this post while taking the second bite of my morning muffin!

What a great way to stay on task....joining others!

Another great way of staying busy and not a game of TAG. You're it!


Nancy said...

I'm in!

Nice to meet you!

Halfmoon Girl said...

seems a lot of us want to get into better shape. I am trying to get back to drinking tons of water.

Military Mommy said...

Hi Sharon! Just wanted to send you big wishes for a healthy week. I'm so glad we're all in this challenge together.

Hugs, Michelle

Robin said...

We can do this! I am looking forward to reading of your successes in the upcoming weeks. Good luck!

Jenny said...

Uhh..I am in the same boat. I loat 35 and am back up 11 as well. I am hoping this weight loss challenge will keep me motivated!

Elizabeth said...

Yes I'm in! And getting so encouraged surfing around reading everybody's posts. We CAN do this!

Christine said...

Good luck Sharon! I'm in to lose my baby weight so we can encourage each other!

Melanie said...

My story is up too. Come on by and vist, just no snacking while you're visiting! We can do this!

CrownLaidDown said...

Hey Sharon!

I love this idea....What a good way to keep accountable. I have been steadily losing weight since Sydney was born with very little trying...Woo hoo! now that the weather's turning nice, I plan to get out and walk every morning. Pray for me in that...I'm not a early morning riser!

Have a wonderful day, friend!

Janne said...

I'm in this with you. We can do this!

Anonymous said...

i wish this wasn't a battle for any of us.

Nise' said...

I thought for sure I already left a comment..maybe it got lost! Oh well, I'm in too! Loving what you said about the outside lining up with the inside. I'm going to write that on post-it and stick it on my fridge and in my Bible!

A Juggling Mum said...

Just popped in to wish you not luck but success with the challenge :)


Rachel xxx

Losing It said...

Good Luck with the Challenge. I'm sure together we will have great success.

Dee said...

Good for you Sharon! You CAN do this -- and obviously you've got lots of support! D