Saturday, May 26, 2007

From Glory To Glory

I am not real sure how to begin this picture that developed in my head except to say that I think it began to formulate after a conversation with a friend. I am beginning to see that discipleship is becoming quite important in my life. I look back on past mentoring relationships and I see where both of us were lead astray, and how some mishaps could have been avoided.
First, I would like to say that I am really pleased with the growth I have seen in my friend. There is a spiritual awareness that is really important. In our conversation it was really important for me to explain that if she did not consider her walk it would be really easy to become content in the glory of the moment. And that she needed to develop a strong attachment and excitement for the word of God- or as soon as the excitement of the moment disappeared- she would likely stagnate.
Any source used to explore the Word or teaching on the Word-- is in reality a diluted source of the word (milk). Only God's word has the ability to sink down in to the core of us and continues until the perfect work is done. If we are not real careful pride slips in and we think “o.k., I’ve got it now- don’t treat me like a baby anymore”. And then Satan has us. We will always need someone ( a mentor) on up ahead who tell us to get up and get moving there are better things waiting.
You never want to burst someone’s bubble- but they can not stay where they are for too long or their greatest moments with God are in their past.

When the picture first began to develop in my head, I thought, cool- what a great portrait of what I had been discussing. But, then the picture got bigger and that is when I realized that God was breaking the picture down for me. A modern day parable.

Picture with me a mountain -its top not visible through the clouds. From far off it would appear that along certain levels of the mountain there are bare spots. But, as you move in for a closer look of this lush green mountain, you begin to realize that these bare spots are actually level areas that separate the steep rocky paths. On each area there are people. The lower levels have quite a few people gathered on each piece of level cleared ground.
Some have just arrived and they are lost in the view, a view they had not been able to see on the level before. The beauty is incredible and they are overwhelmed with feelings of joy. Some are preparing to move on to the next trail excited by what they will encounter. Small groups of people gather here and there discussing the journey and the hardships. Still others, bored now by the view, sit on the rocks basking in the sun. They are no longer interested in what they see and the bushes and trees now block their view.
Those who choose to continue their journey are drawn on by the voices of those on up the path. Stumbling over rocks they stop to help those along the way that have become tired or hurt. Although the path is strenuous they begin to anticipate the view ahead. They hear shouts of joy from those who have arrived at the next landing and they quicken their pace. Rounding the corner they are taken away by the clearness of the blue sky.

As friends meet friends they clasp hands and discuss their different journeys. Soon it is time for some to move on. The temptation is to stay and wait on friends that have newly arrived. Many have failed in their journey because they thought it would be o.k. to stay just until their friend was ready to go. Some, sadly never complete the journey- while others loose site of their purpose and turn around to go back down the mountain.
Nobody knows exactly how long the journey takes. Some have guessed, but no one who has reached the top has ever come back to tell their story. There is talk that each level is more breath taking than the level before. And ,that what is waiting at the peak of the mountain is above and beyond what you could think or imagine.
Some days on the mountain are wet and dreary. The paths become slippery and many want to stop and wait out the bad weather. And still others are hot and dry with no end in site. But, most find that if they will find someone on the same path-- together they make it through the rain and dry times with just a little encouragement.

Where are you on the mountain? Are you stuck waiting for someone to catch up? Have you become caught up in a view from the past? You are responsible for the path your feet take and how you treat those you meet along the way. So if you have the opportunity along the way to walk with someone and encourage them or shout back wonderful things to those that are following-never let it be said that you never opened your mouth.

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Sue said...

That is an awesome word picture, thank you. It spurs me on!

I enjoy your writing.