Sunday, April 1, 2007

Worship With Me Awhile


Blessed be God, my mountain,
who trains me to fight fair and well.
He's the bedrock on which I stand,
the castle in which I live,
my rescuing knight,
The high crag where I run for dear life,
while he lays my enemies low.
I wonder why you care, God--
why do you bother with us at all?
All we are is a puff of air;
we're like shadows in a campfire.
How blessed the people who have all this!
How blessed the people who have God for God!
Psalm 144:1,2,15

We bow low before You
There is none beside You
Should my life end now
It would have been worth while
Just to have had You near
To have called you DEAR
How I love you Lord

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Mark Larson said...

Thought you might like this site:

It is based on 1 Peter 3:15 and it is a very interesting way to share our faith without using too much of our time.

Feel free to add the link to your blog if you want.