Saturday, March 31, 2007

My third post today---and it's all good!

Thought ya'll might like to see what we enjoy occasionally for a Saturday evening outing. It is that time of year when seafood is becoming plentiful. My man was hungry so I thought I would treat him to something that I do not fix at home because the way it makes my house smell. Grease--can't stand it. Reminds me of being back in the restaurant business. But the food that comes out of the grease-----you just have to taste it. Mmmmmm--good!
We ordered three dishes--too much food. One was a seafood boat--a bread boat filled with oysters, shrimp and catfish. One was just shrimp--could have done with out this one. And then Keith ordered a fillet topped with sauted crab and mushrooms--the flavor was great.
The restaurant we went to was MORTONS, they are located across the street from the river. It is in the beautiful little town of Madisonville.
Wish you could have been with us----- you would have loved it. We love when people come into town because we eat things that we do not tend to eat all the time.
Have a great Lords day!


eph2810 said...

That food looks incredibly yummy. I love seafood. It is just very fresh here in Arizona. Miss the fresh catch from where I grew up at.

Blessings to your Sunday and always...

Dee said...

Looks yummy -- did you eat some for me?? :) It's not gluten-free eh?! Love the pic of your daughter! Cute. I hate the smell of frying also. DH deep frys only in the garage, and he only cooks these things called 'croquettes' that his parents make for him for his birthday. I can't eat them either, but I don't need to calories anyway.

RYC: I journal my calories and only eat 1,500 daily. I've tried lower, but I find that difficult with the level of activity that I do daily. Slower weight loss but it works best for me. I've been considering switching around my calorie counts though -- stay tuned for info on my blog. D

Sharon said...

Dee- Is flour gluten free? Many times they mix flour and corn flour and then they just add seasonings. They are fried in a mixture of peanut and veg oil.

Nise' said...

Looks good! I don't like the way it leave the house smelling either! I think I will do what dee does and make my man deep fry his fish in the garage or out on the deck!

We love Keith Green. My kids favorite has always been "So You Want To Go Back To Egypt?"

Anonymous said...

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