Monday, April 23, 2007

There's Victory In Them There hills

This is a view into my backyard.
Mounds of mud and debris from the old house. Last week out from the mud we began to see color.
Roses straining to bear their fruit from under clay and mud.

Kind of like us?
Into our lives some trials will fall
We see them each day
We've encountered them all
They may bow down our head
Or fill our hearts with dread
But when our Master says stop-They will all bend their knee
Because when victory is nigh-He has the final decree

So look unto the hills
for victory is nigh
"There's victory in them there hills"
Is our victory cry.

Into our lives a little mud will fall--
But out from the cracks
Our master is still able to beauty call

Here is a little beauty that answered His call with an


Dee said...

Beautiful! Those flowers would be so encouraging to me. I'm sure that it isn't easy to still be stuck in the trailer, but your humour and faith in God seem to carry you! Praying! D

Halfmoon Girl said...

I love that beauty can grow in areas that we think are wasted and barren- what an analogy to Christ working in our lives.

Nise' said...

Amen and Amen.