Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stand clear--- He's dynamiting in them there hills today!

A Smooth Path

The work of heavy highway equipment is to smooth the way for travelers by exalting valleys, making low the mountains and hills, straightening the crooked. Obstacles--trees, rocks, houses, even mountains themselves--are put out of the way. This is what the Lord can do for his travelers (it is promised by the prophet Isaiah), but He does it without fuss, and in response to the one who simply thinks of Him: "Think of Him in all your ways, and He will smooth your path" (Prv. 3:6 NEB).

The mind can build barriers, produce huge obstacles, collide with boulders of impossibility. Strangely and wonderfully, when we turn our thoughts to Him with whom nothing is an impossibility (and to turn thoughts takes an act of will), He smoothes the path for us. We find it possible, maybe even easy, to move forward.

Don't waste time, energy, perhaps sleep-time, thinking of all those rocks in the way. Think of Him. Think of Him! You may find your path suddenly smoothed.

Seems to be a trend to the devotionals that I am getting by email. Yesterday, the idea that God is working at creating something don't understand and I need to patiently trust Him.

Today--don't waste time worrying about what He is busy doing. Keep you eyes on the hills from where your help comes from and He will makes the paths straight and He'll get you where He wants you.

So if you hear a lot of loud noise-don't be concerned-it's just God setting off the dynamite to clear the path.


Dee said...

Wow - how true!! Back from the funeral -- it was so good, I have to share w/ you. Just to be quick -- the text was Song of Solomon 8:6 "For love is as strong as death." Think about THAT comparison! Connected to what we emailed about yesterday. I feel a blog post coming on. D

eph2810 said...

This reflection on His Word put a smile on my face...Yeah - sometimes those boulders are huge.

Blessings to you and yours.

Nise' said...

Turning my thoughts to Him instead of looking at those rocks that seem to be in the way! Thanks for your prayers and posts!