Saturday, April 7, 2007

Resurection Day!

The day is coming --can you feel it in the air?
This year, like no other, I am actually anticipating going to church on Resurrection Sunday.
It is the day that the stone was rolled away.
When the women arrived at the tomb to take care of His body--He was gone.
When they looked into the tomb all that was there were the folded burial clothes.
Why do you think the cloths were folded?
I don't think Jesus folded them to show He was neat.
Ever wandered why He did that?
Here was a little something that was shared with us a couple of years ago.

Back when Jesus was on earth there were quite a few customs.
One involved meal time.
People would lounge around on lounge chairs and people uninvited to the dinner would stand around and watch those eating.
If you happened to need to get up from the table before you were finished you would fold your napkin and leave it on your chair. Others would know you were coming back.
Guess what--He left us a sign--He is coming back
No one else will take His place, because it has been reserved for Him!

So let's make sure that we save that place for HIM.
He will come back for us and we will then sit down at a spot reserved just for us. It will be the wedding feast of the Lamb. Oh how great it will be to look down the table at our groom. And the feeling we will all share as He looks into our eyes and we are overwhelmed by the love that flows from His eyes straight into our hearts.
I can hardly wait!
Are you ready?
Are you keeping your heart pure and only for Him?

He couldn't stay in the grave--He had work to do.
There is a home being prepared for you and me. And the Bible says that it will be far beyond anything you or I could imagine. And our vision that has been weakened by the sin of this world will look on colors and flowers that have been saved just for us--His bride. Can you imagine what that day will be like? Air so sweet we just want to sit and fill our lungs with it. And what about the sound of the angels whose only job is to stand around the throne and cry, Holy, Holy, Holy.
I heard someone say one time that the reason they could do that, is that at each new moment they are newly discovering the incredible greatness of our God.
Our God.
Our Father.
And one day soon our house will be done and it will be time to go home.
Home. What a sweet sound that has.
Are you ready?
I am.

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