Monday, April 2, 2007

Just A Minute Please

This morning I awoke to words playing in my mind. There have been many times I have asked God to speak to me. This morning the Spirit is speaking as loudly as I have ever heard. He is using words that he had given to a man many years before-----will I stand on them now?
I was not going to share this but I feel like God wants me to. Sometimes I share the lessons and events of my life but not what led up to them. I think maybe God wants me to share this. Last night as I lay in bed thoughts of my son began to go through my mind. Tears came to my mind first and then my eyes. I am not often a person given to tears. And the situation with my son most often leads me to prayer than it does to tears. But last night my thoughts began to take me to areas that were deep in my heart. Keith, asked why I was crying. All I could think to say was, Do you think Michael loves us? He reached over to pull me to himself and said, He says he does.
How precious is the tender love of my husband. We have not always had this. For many years I felt I was walking alone in our marriage. God has used the last several months to give me something that I had always longed for---a feeling of security and safety in my man. Like my Father in heaven, Keith's love makes me feel secure. He held me and let me cry. No words were necessary--I knew his heart was hurting too. We shared our pain. I love my man!

This life is meant to be worked out. Today in the acknowledgment that I am so weak and I can not do it on my own-- I am going to cling to the words spoken into my spirit by the very Spirit of the living God.
The one who brought us to this spot is able to keep us standing and walking. May you know today the overwhelming love of our Father. May it make you stand a little taller. May there be a spark in your inner man that draws attention to our God. May you know deep in your inner core that you are loved more than life itself. After all ---that is the message of this week.


1. Standing on the promises of Christ my King,
through eternal ages let his praises ring;
glory in the highest, I will shout and sing,
standing on the promises of God.
Standing, standing,
standing on the promises of Christ my Savior;
standing, standing,
I'm standing on the promises of God.

2. Standing on the promises that cannot fail,
when the howling storms of doubt and fear assail,
by the living Word of God I shall prevail,
standing on the promises of God.

3. Standing on the promises of Christ the Lord,
bound to him eternally by love's strong cord,
overcoming daily with the Spirit's sword,
standing on the promises of God.

4. Standing on the promises I cannot fall,
listening every moment to the Spirit's call,
resting in my Savior as my all in all,
standing on the promises of God.

Let's do this thing.


Dee said...

Sharon, that was beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Funny, but I have always longed for and needed that same security. God knows what He's doing and we have to trust in that. I always say 'it's not over until it's over'. Don't give up hope. ((( hugs ))) D

Andrea said...

Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you found that security and safety in your man--thank you for sharing. I relate to what you say here, too. :)

CrownLaidDown said...

May God continue to be MIGHTY over your marriage and family...His ways are not always the things we would choose (I know this one well), but cling to Him and receive the gifts from his hand along the way, like a renewed joy in your marriage. I love that! And then, you have to continually lay down your sweet son at His feet. God will be tender and faithful and loving...I'm praying right now for him and will continue to, sweet sister. I have a backstory that allows me to pray...because I've been and am there.
With love and joy,

Nise' said...

Sharon, Oh God is so great! I wish that this could be a audio post with me shouting that outloud! I needed what you shared the Lord was speaking to you! I am struggling today and man did that speak to me as well. I am desperate for Him today and His is faithful.

eph2810 said...

Sharon, thank you so much for sharing from your heart. Yes, it is wonderful to know that you have someone in your life that supports you and holds you close when you don't know what else to do than just cry...

I love that song :)...

Blessings to your Monday afternoon and always...

Tracy said...

Sharon, can't get on my blog because of a problem. The message says someone has been notified and it will be worked on. What a wonderful God we are so blessed to know and love. I know Michael loves you both and his little sister too. I can tell you by first hand experience that when someone (such as a teenager or anyone else) makes "going thier own way", more important than anything else, things get distorted and priorities are perverted. This hurts everyone around that person. It's not that the other people in his life has done anything "wrong", just that he is not able to do exactly what he wants when he wants. With maturity, this will start to line up, but until then you and your entire family are being lifted up in prayer. I'm including your Mom and Dad in those prayers, because I know how much they love him too. All of the kids are home this week for the Masters. I am continually being attacked with migraines (this has got to be the 6th or 7th this month). Never before has it been this bad. I am opening my mouth with the Word on my lips. But could you please pray your spiritual authority over this specific situation. I must be doing something right in the spiritual rhelm to be attacked so frequently, so praise God. When I am weak, He is strong! I have to go, but please let me know what Pastor said in church today about what we have been talking about. And also, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being such a precious and thoughtful friend. I loved the picture of Dad and Johnathan. It is so good to see people and places from home. I even enjoyed your pictues at Morton's. I zoomed in on the one of the river and pictured myself sitting there on the riverfront with my family and friends just a short walk away instead of 600 miles.

Love, Tracy

devildogwife said...

That was beautiful. I love that song and the promise that it gives us.

Deena said...

Even when I'm not standing on the promises...I may be laying prostrate on them...but I'm still on them, because they are my foundation...all summed up in Jesus Himself...He is my promise.