Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Does it work? Is it Real?

It seems that quite often lately my faith is being put to the test. Not just, if I will do what I know is right, but if this whole thing is really real. Is God real? I can hear the gasps even now. The truth is every Christian will have to "go there" at various times in their lives. I believe that this is part of what it takes to strengthen our faith.

Finding the narrow road and deciding if we want to walk on it, that's our choice. Remember after Jesus gave the talk about His body being the bread and His blood the wine? Do you remember that many of the disciples that had followed him walked away?
And then Jesus turned to the 12 and said, "Do you want to go too?".
I can identify with their answer when they said basically, "Where would we go?".
That is how I have felt lately. If this is not real, if God is not sitting in the heavens-----where would I go. And that answer in itself lets me know, I believe.

We are told in scripture that there is a narrow road and few are the ones who will find it. That is not talking about salvation. It is the road that narrows as things of this world drop away and the luxuries of what we think we have to have to maintain us---disappears. We choose the better road.
After Jesus asked the 12 if they would stay---things got rough. It was time for the death march. He knew the ones who would walk that road to the end. None of the 12 would walk it until after His death.
Each day He asks us," Will you travel on with me?". And if we choose to stay, you had better believe the road is going to get very narrow. But the sweet presence of God will become very clear.
Think about Paul and all he went through. Isn't his life is proof that it works?
As I think of the long lists of things that are going on in my life---believe me I have asked --does it work.
But, when I call out to God and He answers with peace that passes understanding. When I turn on my computer and I run across a verse on a blog that speaks to my heart--I know without a shadow of a doubt--it works.
Would we not be insane to continue to do something that did not work?
Is it working for you?
Maybe you are in a Peter spot. Do you have a little doubt going on? It is o.k. It is the calling out to God during this time that breaks those chains of doubt. He says when we call, He will answer.
Are you looking for the narrow road?
If you are searching for it, it will be found.
He is on that road.
Do you want a closer walk, and greater evidence of Him?
Choose the narrow road.
Is life hard?
I know I am there but He understands. We celebrate and remember this week the day He walked that narrow road.
And you know what He proved? It works.
He took the keys away from Satan.
We serve a mighty God.

Ah, Sovereign LORD, you made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.
Jeremiah 32:17

Next time things get rough, let's open our mouths and let Satan and the world know who we serve.



Dee said...

I have prayed 'Lord, help me in my unbelief'. Even in a very, very dark time in my life, when I didn't know what to pray for, I just prayed, asking that He would keep a good hold of me. ((( hugs ))) D

Bethanie said...

Good post.

Deena said...

I'm beginning to think God is purifying a whole big bunch of us, because I keep reading the same theme in so many, many blogs...and I'm talking with so many, many women in our ministry who are in full battle mode...we are weary women.
But, what else can we do? Where else can we go? Even when I can convince myself "It's all a joke" the Holy Spirit rises up and says, "It's not...just look"...and a host of evidence flashes through my mind.
This is real. God is real. The Word is real. And the battle is real. Praise Him we have a shelter in the midst of the storm...whatever storm we are going through...