Saturday, April 14, 2007

Born For The Light

Belial, first noticed her when she was quite young. The messengers never seemed to leave her side, not that it was unusual- but it did not happen often. He realized that she listened and that she contemplated what they told her. They would spend hours talking to her. He wondered what secrets they were sharing in their whispers. Although she was young, they were preparing her.
Distractions were his game - so he began to make the rules. He sent people into her life to tell her she was not important, and others who would often belittle her looks and her learning abilities. Soon he saw her withdraw and become self-conscious. If he could get her to think more about herself than what they were telling her, he could win. Content that he had won for the present, he moved on to more important matters.
Over the years he came back to see what was happening. He missed when they showed her how much she enjoyed teaching. And was quite unaware of her thoughts drifting to deeper things when others were content to see just the surface. Unaware of the hunger that was growing inside her- Belial, was content just to see she had grown ashamed of who she was.
He became a little concerned when, in her teens; she took an interest in the intercessors world. He decided to disturb her by sending individuals that held deceptive views on life. He knew he could not get past the guards so he would send others to touch her life. Men entered the picture, and with them, confusion. Now lost in turmoil and pain, he knew he could leave her once again.
Throughout her twenties he was quite happy with her progress. She found that being married and a mother was not what she had expected, so she left her husband and child. She ran straight into the arms of a career. He sent great success her way and she became wrapped up in this new life style. He could see the restless look in her eyes, and he sighed in satisfaction.
And then her husband was back, and she changed jobs. He did not like change, but he assumed he won the game, based on her life and its turmoil. If he had not ensnared her with success then he would try and distract her with failure.
What he did not count on were the new people, those people from her past that belonged to the whisperer’s world. Each time he saw her speaking to them he felt his power slipping. She began to go to church on her day off, and he could feel the other power begin to build. He would see drifts now and again but when he saw the despair in her eyes she would turn back to The Light.
He could tell by her eyes that she knew what had been planned for her. She now began to speak with a fervor that most of her type did not like. They tried to stop the message by hurting her, but the power was now too great. What he feared had come.
They’d been teaching and preparing her to wake those who slept. Now, when she opened her mouth he heard the words of The Triumphant One. Many times she spoke in a hesitant way- but when she opened her mouth The Light shown forth.
The first time it happened he fled in haste for he knew the power of that light. He thought that maybe it had scared her too, because it was quite awhile before he saw it again even from the distance.
The battle to destroy her was now over. Now the messengers fought battles for her at the command of their Master.
The glow was now evident even when she did not speak; Belial knew she had been consumed by The Light. He had lost this battle. Now that The Light was spreading, there would be many more battles.
He must stop The Triumphant One!



Anonymous said...

sorry, belial. not gonna happen! death and darkness have already been defeated and OUR FATE IS SEALED IN THE HEAVENLIES!!

what a creative post. thanks for sharing it with us.

eph2810 said...

That is a beautiful post. Thanks be to God for the outcome of the battle.

Blessings to your Sunday afternoon and always.

CrownLaidDown said...

Praying with ya, Sharon! I love that God had David write about God being our Rock (immovable). My prayers for them is that God will be Mighty and their Rock. He made us overcomers with Him. In fact it says, MORE than overcomers. That means that not only can't the Devil have any stake in us, but all his arrows are for naught. May God shield this family under His wing.
PS I wish I coulda been there at church with you, too!

Nise' said...

"Do not gloat over me my enemy!
Though I have fallen, I WILL rise.
Though I sit in darkness, the Lord WILL be my light" Micah 7:8

SunnySusan said...

Wonderful post to chew on for a while

Thanks sharon

Christine said...

Wow, that's a powerful post- reminds me of CS Lewis' Screwtape Letters. The Triumphant One won again!