Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sit With Me Awhile

When I got ready to name my blog Sit With Me Awhile was really the only thing I could think of. I could not remember where it came from but I thought it was from something I had written. While looking through my notebooks for something for a friend --I found where this phrase came from.
Several years ago in my longing to move forward in my relationship with God I wrote theses thoughts. The major thought running through this little tidbit was, Sit With Me Awhile. The Bible says when we praise Him ---God inhabits the praise of His children.

As I ponder the awesome power of my Father-
Sit With Me Awhile.
As through my heart flows His perfect love-
Sit With Me Awhile.
While I praise Him for His overwhelming touch-
Sit With me Awhile.
While I bow my head and imagine His face-
Sit With Me Awhile.

And turning slowly, I realize my Friend has joined me-
just to sit with me awhile.

I love you, Jesus.
I love you, Lord.
I bow my heart to you whom I adore.
With all my strength I want to follow your lead
to bend my knee
in thought
and deed.

Spend some time with Him today and you will find as you love on Him-- He has come to Sit With You Awhile.


D said...

I love the name of your blog! And I feel like I'm sitting with you when I come here! BTW, the Lord must be saying something to me, because this is the second time that I've read this The Bible says when we praise Him ---God inhabits the praise of His children. today! I have to look up the text... D

Sharon said...

Isn't it amazing the things God will use to get our attention. One day I was pulling up at WalMart,wondering if God really loved me. I was really low. I parked and was just about to get out when i noticed a car pulling in in front of me--their tag on the front said--JESUS LOVES YOU. He is an awesome God!