Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm trying!

I'm trying to get the gumption up to go and ride my bike. My heart is a little heavy. I went back to New Orleans to get some more books for our women's study that is starting tomorrow. Since I was by myself I decided to go into the area where I was raised since it was on the way. This is an area that was heavily affected by Katrina damage. Flood marks still on the outside of houses and spray paint on doors and garage doors listing what was found inside. My heart was so heavy. My school where I went to Kindergarten all the way through 6 grade is still closed. I'm not sure that they would have enough children to attend even if it were to open. Most of the homes are empty and I have a feeling abandoned. There were very few houses being lived in and only a few Fema trailers here and there.
And then I went down my street. Kuebel St., right off the lake front. It was really nice when we lived there. A great place for a child to grow up. We played kick the can by the light of the street lights late into the night. Our white brick house now has bars in the windows and they have painted it green. My best friends house next door is vacant and for sale. Still storm damaged-no one wanted to come back.
Most of the world has moved on but my memories will always be there. In that little white house with the huge backyard(tiny now) that had a mammoth pecan tree. That tree that had the coolest swing in the neighborhood and everyone wanted to come and play. Until the summer that Dad killed it while trying to re coat one of his fishing nets. YES, we were happy that we would no longer have to pick up pecans and crack them-but sad that our summer friend was gone.
But, time moves on and my God has walked with me through those years. My relationship with Him is the most secure thing in my life. And it brings such hope to my heart when I think of the places we will be going together. There are memories waiting that will fill the voids in my heart. I love Him so. I can not imagine where my heart would be if He had not looked deep into my eyes and said, "I love you Sharon. I love you and nothing can change that. Let the world change and friends walk away--but I will never leave you or forsake you. I love you -----period.".

Blessed security! Praise you Father for your gift of Jesus. The lover of my soul.

Now I am ready to go ride my bike! Thanks for listening!



Nise' said...

"There are memories waiting that will fill the voids in my heart."
Thanks for your comments... I needed to hear that today!

Sharon said...

He walks with "us" and He talks with "us" and He tells "us, we" are His own--And the joy we share as we tarry there--none other has ever known. Love ya sister!

D said...

Re your comment: I haven't heard of Hodg---- (can't remember) but I'm going to check their link. thanks. The mix should be fine as is. My kids prefer a lot of my GF mixes over gluten mixes. I guess you could add gluten, but I'd say it isn't necessary. Less gluten is good for you. Hope that helps! P.S. I don't mind your comments LOL :) D

gid said...

I wish you could have gotten a picture. i would have loved to see it. I did a post a while back and was able to get an image from google when the area was still flooded. here is a link picture of our old house on Kuebel Dr