Friday, March 23, 2007

Ready for some fishin?

Yes, this was two years ago-- 40 pounds heavier and shorter hair. But it is a hint as to what I am going to do tomorrow and with whom I am going to do it with.
Yes, tomorrow morning bright and early I will be packing up for a little fun. Linda to the left (now several pounds lighter also) and i will be getting our poles and crickets--Linda's favorites and minnows--my favorite and we will concentrate on catching some fish. We are not into the constant throwing out and reeling in. So we will be using our bobbers and sit back with a diet coke and wait for them to come to us.
I went to Walmart and bought some picnic food so we won't have to leave to go get something. The guys will bring the four wheelers because they are not into fishing. It probably won't be hot enough for swimming but I'm sure the kids will get in the water some how.
My brain is a little fried. I'm not sure why. So You will get one day without writings that take brain activity.
But I will be back and I'll try to bring some pictures. Have a great evening!

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Sharon said...

I haven't been fishing since we moved from FL. I loved it! My husband and I really enjoyed it and especially the fish fry we would have with friends. We mostly fished for large-mouth bass.
I've got an 8 pounder on the wall and hubby has a 10 pounder. His looks like it could swallow mine. ;-)

Glad you had a relaxing time!