Friday, March 2, 2007

Old Storm Damage from Katrina

Dee- was talking about a tree in her yard having to come down before it fell on the house. Thought ya'll might like to see the pictures of our house after Katrina. This is the pine tree that came for a visit. :)
The first picture is our backyard. It would have been a lot worse but about two years ago we had 23 pine trees cut down.
The area where the tree came in was my china cabinet. So I lost all the family antiques and some of my good china. It hurt at first- but if God did not think I needed it then i guess my children don't either. But I did shed a few tears. :(
My husband put up a plywood wall and we lived like that until we took the house down. If i could not find something the answer became---Guess it's behind the wall. :)
The last picture is of the front yard or part of it. We lost an oak tree that was very old and beautiful. But it was going to have to come down when we built -so God just took it down early.
Dee if we were close by my DH's guys would take it down for you for free. They spent a good deal of time after the storm taking care of those things. They just recently took a big pine down that was just behind our trailer. It had pine beetles and was dead. Lots of the trees in the area got them after the storm. They do a lot of damage.
Notice the shot from behind---it is not so big now! Ha! Ha!


Tracy said...

testing 123 (I'm in a hurry)

Sharon said...

Good to see your name on the comment board.

Dee said...

You're scaring me Sharon!!! Whoa! I like your attitude about the stuff that you lost. It must have been tough. I try not to be stuck on my 'things' but I know that I'd cry if I lost especially family-type things, mementos.

We had a guy pop by this morning about the tree. Looks like he might take it down for a reasonable amount of $$. So we'll see. He & his friend take trees down for extra money. That's the kind of person that we need, as long as it doesn't come down on the house...I'll try not to think about that one.

Dee said...

P.S. I had a Yahoo email that I sent to you come back to me. I'll resend it. Said it wasn't read within the queue time. D

Sharon said...

When we were having our trees cut down(the 23) we made sure the company had insurance. One of the pines on the patio was so close i could reach out the window and touch. When they started taking them down I started praying. I thanked God that he was the one guiding their path down. It was strange feeling the house shudder when they hit the ground. At least once it is down you won't be woken in the night anymore with concern about it falling on the house!

luvmy4sons said...

I pray that God has restored many of your losses from that storm. It is good to know a personal story of loss from that day. It makes it more real than just a news story. I love the way you looked at the loss of your possessions. They really are God's to begin with, not ours aren't they? The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. I am so sorry you had to endure that.