Monday, March 26, 2007

In Memory of My Hero

Leo Humphrey
March 26, 2006

Today I wanted to post about a man that meant a lot to me and many other people. I first met Leo when I was a little girl. My Dad had the pleasure going to seminary with Leo and working with Him in a coffee house in the French Quarter of New Orleans.
Leo, had a special way of making every person he met feel like they were someone special and that they were loved. He had a heart for the Lord and he wanted everyone to know God and that God loved them. It was not unusual for Him to witness to the telephone operator while she was helping him or the waitress bringing him the coffee he loved so much.
He was led by God to start ministering in other areas of the world- even if it was during war time or times of civil unrest. I am sure his family missed having him at home,
but they let him go.
I got to take my first mission trip with him and his wife Loyce, just a few weeks before he went home to be with his Lord. We had an amazing time in San Salvador. I got to see the market places he so loved and got to witness to the people that had stolen a piece of his heart so long ago. He loved people and people loved him. He made me feel like I was his good friend. The day before he went home I got to talk to him for a long time on the phone. We talked about the trip and how he would like for me to come with them to other areas.
He was trying to share his passion--and I loved him for that.
He was hard headed at times (Loyce can tell you about that) but we all loved him.
I heard two days later from Loyce that Leo, had gone home. My heart and the hearts of many others were crushed. But, he had completed his task and His father took him home.
Loyce, is helping continue the ministry they worked so hard at together. It now has a new director, Steve Kern. He has a huge heart for the people but I guess I will always think of GOOD NEWS IN ACTION as Leo's ministry. Pray for them as they reach out to the people of El Salvador and the surrounding areas.
And most of all pray for Loyce and Jill as they remember their husband and father
on his home going day.
Loyce, thank you for continuing to fight the good fight.
Leo would be so proud of you!

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Deena said...

Another King's child gone home...**sigh** I've never been more homesick than now...but what a reunion it will be, amen??
And what a tribute....them's the kinds of things I want people to say about my God when I go home...