Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hello Girls!

Thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of my weekend fun. To your left is Linda (my bud and pastors wife) and I in front of one of the boats on display at the Sportmans Show. You know boys and their toys. Next is me on what I think I would like to have. It is so not part of the normal me--but part of that girl not many see. I think she would like out more often. I may talk more about this trip in a letter post. My husband and I, soooooooo needed this little trip. And although Satan tried to send it in to the ditch----God pulled it out. Way to go God! We had a great time and enjoyed our time with our friends. Love ya Linda!

Thank you all for your comments on the last post.
Dee--thank you for the answer to the P's and Q's question. Hope you are feeling better.
Tracy--of course I will pray for Brett--and keep walking. Make sure you read the earlier post about Fivo from American Tail

Thank you all for being a part of my journey to meet my Savior face to face.
"The pure in heart will see God." Matt 5:8 I will probably be posting more of the things I am learning --so please come back and comment. When we reason together we learn so much more. You have a little. I have a little. A little + a little = a lot
We can do this together!

New News

If I did this right you should be able to click on the link below and go over and read my interview on 5 Minutes For Moms--if not I will try and fix it later."/>

By the way---I am a winner! During the party at 5 minutes for moms I answered a question on someones site and won a pair of sunglasses. They are coming from a sweetie over on Thus far The Lord Has Helped Me. When they come in I will post a picture. How Exciting!


Nise' said...

I would love to see a picture of you in the sunglasses! Your link worked for the interview at 5MFM. I enjoyed reading it! We had motorcycles when I was a kid, it was lots of fun... Shhhhh.. I tell my son (19) they are so dangerous because he wants one and this Mom is scared! Glad you were able to take a little trip!

Sharon said...

Nise',good suggestion! When they get here I will put them on and have my darling hubby take a picture of me with my new glasses on. They look like they are even my style.

Liza's Eyeview said...

Congratulations on winning that sunglasses! And great advice given by your brother (about starting a blog) :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you "see" you again :)

Tracy said...

You look great! I'm glad y'all had a fun time. Did your dear hubby come home with a boat? Just kidding, I know he would rather have the house first (ha, ha). I think you would have fun tooling around home on a "bike" but I don't know about all those N. O. drivers that are around now. You'd better pray about it. Can't wait to see you in your new sunglasses. I am just opening up a series of teaching from Randy Morrison. Don't know too much about him, but I hope the information will be beneficial. I will measure it with the Word and rely on the Holy Spirtit to prompt me if it is not genuine. I can't believe I ordered something else to study. I'm going to have to ask God if He will make the days longer. "Talk" to you soon.


Sharon said...

No--we did not come home with a boat. The one Keith would have liked to had for diving would have been only around 900 a month. I don't think so. They did have a house they said i could have on my property in only nine weeks! Live in it in 9 weeks, live it it for 9 years, tear it down in nine minutes!
Let me know how the study goes. What is the series about?