Saturday, March 31, 2007


Keith Green
The music that is playing on my site is by Keith Green. He passed away in the early 80's while I was in high school. His music touched my heart in ways that I will never be able to explain. He was willing to stand up and speak the truth in a way that made me want to stand up and say, "YES, preach it brother". It was a truth that screamed--WAKE UP!
This song makes me step back and take a look at what I consider to be, the important things. Things that consume my thoughts and feelings. While the things that Jesus said were important-- just seem to float lazily on by.
I want to be consumed by the job we were left here to do. My thoughts are often consumed by things of God. Maybe sometimes consumed too much by what He has not finished in my life.
This weekend and the week coming up we'll choose to focus on the greatest event in the history of this world. The death and the resurrection of our MASTER.
We are living in a world that is floating on a stream that is leading straight to a "fall" that will end in the pit. I want to say to myself, "What is your problem? Don't you see? Don't you care?"
The message we preach with our lives is not a message of hate--it is a message of LOVE. A love that was so strong that it's reaching out could not be stopped by anyone or anything.
This week I can not count how many blogs I have come across where women were going through serious bouts with pain or anger.
If that is our lives, and we make it through because we have a family of believers who care and love us----how do they make it without what we have. Not only do we have "family" but we have the precious love of our Daddy God in Heaven. And, when we choose to look up, we see Him still, arms outstretched waiting to enfold us in His loving arms. We know He hurts when we hurt.
Do they know they have that waiting for them. No, the Christian walk is not easy---but like one in training, each day we should be getting more like our Father. The author and finisher of our Faith.
Let's let our lives this week leave little trails ----that when followed-- lead people back to our Savior.
That is the bottom line.
The message is a two edged sword--it cuts the user and the one it is used on.
Take Jesus with you this week.
Go With Jesus!


Dee said...

Love Keith Green! We often have him on around here, especially on Sunday mornings! I especially love 'There Is a Redeemer' because, when I hear the words, they mean so much knowing that he is WITH his Redeemer now! What a blessing! D

Sharon said...

How cool that you like Keith Green. Many around here had not heard of him because they became Christians later in life. I grew up with him. I have two or three of his C.Cs that I listen to. I actually bought one of them for my pastor because He like him too.