Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dinner on the gound--and you know you're down south!

Church is over and it is time for everyone to enjoy the food that has been prepared. Fried chicken, ham, potato salad, baked bean, salad, garlic bread, jambalaya, dressing,barbecue pork, baked chicken, etc. And then there is the dessert table--we won't go there. But it was good. It is amazing the noise as everyone is getting their plate and drink and then--the silence falls as we all dig in. Children get quiet and for a brief moment are still. You can guarantee they won't linger because they want to get to the dessert table first.
Dinner on the grounds is the fourth Sunday in the month. So if you are going to be in the area stop by and join us for dinner on the grounds.

I just had to post this. This is Johnny, and I was happy today to have him offer to help us women on the clean up crew. That's my kind of man--he's a keeper Sweetie. What a man! And of course I have to mention there were a few other male helpers, like our pastor who actually took care of the garbage cans. YES, God is raising up some gentlemen in the South.
We love our men!


Nettie said...

HI Sharon - thanks for continuing to stop by my blog. I just checked my email after over two weeks. I have had sick (SICK) kids for the last few weeks as well as a ton of obligations - this blogging thing is a lot harder than I thought!
My plan is to post this week and then commit to three times a week.
Thank you for your blessings and prayers.

Nettie said...

ps - the men at your church DO look like true gentlemen .. what a blessing!