Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Call Out To Tracy

Are you there? Still waiting to hear from you. I do believe i'm growin older by the hour.
Can you hear me? Paw, I don't think this thang is workin right. Can ya hear me girl?

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Tracy said...

YES! I am still here. Thanks for the "call". I did some calling of my own yesterday (out to the Lord). He is truely amazing! He loves me and is still with me. I guess when He said He would be with us to the end of the age He relly meant it. Gee, imagine that...He always tells the truth. I studied yesterday also. (had a meeting with the adult/decsipleship minister at our church the other day and got some great stuff. I went to write this yesterday and everything went crazy. Meggie got in mud and sand and I didn't know it till she tracked all over the house and furniture and my kitchen has been invaded by ants from outside. They are comming in the crack of the window. Flat tire also. I had to get my neighbor to pick up Kaitlyn from horseback riding and ask the assist. princ. of ACS to bring Brandon home from the college tour trip he went on. Wouldn't you know that his #1 pick out of 6 is a small, private, Baptist, out of state university that is $38,000 a year. Oh well, he's only in 10th grade. There is plently of time for us to change his mind. Actually, we already told him that unless he gets basically a full scholarship, he can forget it. And no little part time, or full time job of a student is going to make a dent. But, none of that matters! I have many more important and better things to conquer. How is your eye? Wondering how the appt. went Tues. Got to go, ant guy is here. Love you.