Tuesday, February 6, 2007

An Old Love

I ran into an old love today. Our eyes met from across the room, and as I waited
to see if my heart would miss a beat, he smiled rushing to grasp my hand.
His eyes looked deep into mine,searching for a trace of warmth. For a moment my
mind drifted back to rainy afternoons spent arm in arm, and then-slowly- I withdrew
my hand as coldness flooded over me. At first there was a slight question in his eyes- but then, as strong arms wrapped around me from behind, only coldness as he turned to leave.
Then, and only then did my heart skip a beat, but only for my love- Jesus the Nazarene.


Loves come in various forms, but they all bring with them a disconnect from Christ. The longer we stay in bed with this world, the stronger the emotional ties become. Beware, take your Love with you, because you never know when the loves of this world will appear, from across the

People looking for love often find free online personals finding people from all around the world looking for love.


ADasa said...

HI Sharon, good for you for signing up for The Lord's Table! Remember that you can do the lessons slower than one per day. You can also print the lesson out and then read it at your leisure - then answer your questions. I ended up buying the book from CBD and I've done the course at least 5x now. Each time I've learned something more. D

ADasa said...

Hi Sharon, just wanted to let you know that I'm having technical problems w/ my blog and you might not be able to get on to it. Don't worry - I'm fixing it soon I hope! Dee

Nettie said...

You gave me shivers.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it.