Sunday, February 11, 2007

A New Love

A few weeks ago I started telling God that I want to Love Him the way He loves me. I want to love Him the way Jesus loves Him. I want my thoughts to be absorbed by Him. I want to be caught up in Him and His plan. Will this all bring pain and discomfort?

No Love Without Grief

Tell us, fool, who knows more of love--the one who has joys from it or the one who has trials and griefs? He answered: There cannot be any knowledge of love without both of them.

(Ramon Lull, The Book of the Lover and the Beloved)

When I imagine that I want to learn to love God--and to love my husband and others whom God has given me to love--let me test the desire of my willingness to accept trial and grief. If I can welcome them--Yes, Lord!--and believe God's purpose in them, I am learning the lesson of love. If I cannot, it's a fair indication that my desire to love is a delusion.

I receive this devotional everyday from Elisabeth Elliot. Today it was on Love. Kind of along the thoughts that I have been thinking.
When I look at the life of Jesus -what did His love for God look like? Nights up in prayer. Drawing away to spend time in prayer with his Father. Doing things the way others didn't. Not on others time schedule. Thoughts and actions consumed with living a life that would reveal His Father to man.
Does my life show this dedication? Do I really want it to?

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