Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Carnival--check it out!

I stopped in at Shalee's Diner today and found out about a new Carnival taking place at The Pumpkin Patch on Thursday. Trista is looking for some new meal ideas. They must be tried and true. And you know we all have those little special dishes we pull out when company is comin'. So make sure and go over and spice up her families meals, it is what TASTY THURSDAYS are all about.

Since I am new to this whole blogging thing could somone please tell me a little more about the Carnival thing? Who knows, I might want to have one myself.


Debrand said...

Can't help you with the carnival thing but I had a superdelicious lunch at a cafe called the Rose Garden. She had made a chicken salad with walnuts and sliced grapes, put it in a flaky pie shell and sprinkled fine bread crumbs over the top. Then she had on the side cranberry/orange sauce (not runny). It was scooped onto a leaf of romaine lettuce. Unbelievable! Wish you were there!

Sharon said...

This sounds really great and so creative. I like the idea of putting it all in the pie shell. I do miss this creativity from my restaurant days.