Wednesday, February 14, 2007

From My Man

This is time to brag on our men. If you had a Valentines day, lets hear some details. Maybe that sounded kinda of bad. Let me rephrase that. If you would like to share how your husband showed that he is truly romantic---please do. Sometimes it is in the words they say, and sometimes it is in the things they do.
For years I used to wonder if Keith had a clue . It has not been until the last two years that he became a little more consistent in the giving department. I am not even just talking about gifts. Some of the things he has told me have melted a heart that was pretty cold toward him. We had some rough years. It makes me think about things from his perspective. How does he feel about life with me. Am I giving, and patient. Do I say things that will melt his heart or cut it. Am I planting seeds that I want to reap?
Today my husband planted seeds that he won't mind reaping and I hope I can say the same.
We were able to go out to dinner by ourselves because our son came to visit and offered to stay with Julia while we were gone. (very sweet) When we got in my truck he handed me a card. Let's admit it the first thought is---"A card". But when I opened it up I found a gift certificate for a massage. Yes, it was very sweet. I have been pretty stressed lately and as usual it seems to have settled in my neck. So even though I don't particularly like the idea of someone massaging my fat---I am going to go. If you know me you know I am serious about this insecurity. Don't we dress to cover all that stuff so people won't know it is there? So I am going to "fear not" and go and see if this LADY can work out some kinks. After the card, we went to eat Mexican. Yes, it was good. And yes, Dee, I had lots of leftovers which I brought home and am going to turn into a Mexican soup for tomorrow. And then we came home. And you guessed it ---I am filling ya'll in on details until it is time to go to bed.

So lets hear from some of ya'll. Click on comment and leave us some encouraging words about your man.

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