Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dear God Can You Help?

The hole is actually bigger now- and the pipe to the right gone. It was our water well pipe.

A little history. We tore down our old, Katrina damaged home and are now living in our camper while we rebuild. Not so unusual there are lots of people in our area doing the same. Now as you will notice we have a hole problem. It started as a not so big hole with an artesian well that needed to be capped. Because a well person told us we needed to go down and find the pipe that had dropped into the hole, the hole got a little deeper. Then came the rain. The hole was then dug again, and again, and again. Young boys would have loved the big equipment that has visited our home in the last week. I could have had a Olympic size pool by now. I can offer great mud masks! Maybe I'll go into the spa business.
Anyway, during the night the hole collapsed once again this time taking with it the pipe from our well---yes, the one supplying water to our camper. Can you hear the frustration in my voice? Now, my DH was too upset to call the well guy, who by the way was going to come Friday but did not---so I called. O.k, as women our greatest need is the need for security---this phone call did not provide that security! He was nice enough to inform me that this problem was now way beyond his ability to help. And, (got to love that word) we might loose our whole piece of property to this well gone wild. Now----do you think this gave me a peace of mind? Uh--NO! So here I go with visions of our almost an acre of land disappearing, as this well opens its mouth and swallows it hole. No pun intended. Next, I had vision of the neighbors house succumbing to the giant hole as well. No pun intended. Next----who knows what this well might take on!
Yes, maybe the well guy need to ponder telling a woman that type of news. And, yes, I think maybe he was just a little overwhelmed.
So, now we have a call in to---- the big guys! We pray that this hole, that has a huge appetite, will be filled and hunger no more! Maybe it needs to take a trip through The Lord's Table. (Bible Study I am doing about eating tooo much) HA! HA!
Our new neighbors are letting us use their water so we will not have to remain the "mud people". It was also nice to have my coffee before I went to church this morning. But, least you get the wrong idea----I am not complaining, just sharing. ;) Don't want God to have to send me around the deep hole for forty years! Sorry Moses.


And while I am at this--Can someone tell me why my wedding rings of 18 years are turning my finger grey ? And I thought stress was only supposed to turn your hair grey.


Andrew & Dawn said...

((( hugs ))) Yup, I need security too. Hope this can get figured out SOON. Very soon. D

gid said...

Wow! I can hardly believe the size of that hole. What a mess. I will have to show Leslie the picture.