Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Elijah's Coin

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Recently I was asked by The Cadence Group to review a really incredible book by Steve O'Brien. Here is a little something from the author about this young adult book, published by A&N Publishing.

 This really was a book that I think pre-teens and teens will love. And although this book is presented as a YA book......I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed reading it myself. Steve O'Brien splendidly captures the attention of the reader from the very beginning with a story full of suspense and mystery.  As I followed the life of  Tom, the main character, I found that I began anticipating  the next secret that was to unfold as the story developed. It was obvious that the author did not want the reader to forget the important life lessons taught within this book.....so he included a "sweet" gift in the back of the book.
 This inspirational book has the potential to change the thinking of the reader. Although I do not believe that is book would be considered a Christian read......it runs along the lines of many of the lessons taught in the Bible. For those who are homeschooling or your young adult just loves to read....this would be a great book to add to their reading list. And since I am so sold on the value of this book and the fact that I found it a great read....I am going to forward my copy to someone who leaves a comment in the next few days. Remember.....this book is a great for all those who open the cover! So, yes, I will pass this along to adults too.
Thank you to The Cadence Group for sending this out for me to review.       

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Denise said...

Have not heard of that book.... What do you think...... should I read it?

Good to see you here tonight.. I have decided to come back to the blog and get away from FB......This is where I met all of you girls and created friendships.... soooo it is good to see you here......

Anonymous said...

I enjoy blogging better than FB also - but good to keep in touch w/ friends via FB.
Sounds like a good book! Never heard of Cadence Group.