Friday, December 10, 2010

Are you listening?

I have a dear friend who was on her way through Virginia this morning in a horrible snow came up suddenly almost like a tornado.
 We were on the phone talking about how horrible the wind and snow was getting and how people were pulling off the road when all of a sudden I had a though about how horrible it would be if I was on the phone with her when they got into an accident. Right then and there I silently thanked God for their protection. Our conversation went on...she was wearing an ear bud and not holding her hand set.....when all of a sudden I heard her crying out..."O God!, O God!" There was a horrible crashing noise and then silence....I thought the phone had gone dead. Then I heard her calling out to her two kids who had been sleeping in the back of their van...their van is huge and has the raised ceilings. Then she said...."I have to go the van just rolled over I have to call 911". I hung up the phone and started crying (literally) out to God for their protection since she had just talked about how she was following 18 wheelers.
God sweetly brought to mind how I had thanked Him for their protection....He is so loving.
Praise God they were wearing their seat belts!
I waited a few minutes and dialed her phone....her daughter answered. She sounded so strong (she is 16) until she found out who it was and started crying...all the time saying...We are o.k, we are o.k.
You know...I hate to think what this would have been without the Spirit warning me.
When the Holy Spirit brings things to mind.....don't follow the spirit of anxiety and worry....PRAY!
Thank you Jesus for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Thank you God that you know the end from the beginning! You are awesome and mighty...You still work in marvelous and wonderful ways.
Our lives are in Your hands and nothing touches us unless you allow it...thank You for that protection. you sister.

Just talked to her on the phone and they are at a fire station. There were so many accidents that they police could not even get to them...the fire truck was the only thing available. It will be several hours before a wrecker can get to the van....since the weather is so bad.
Her hip is hurting....but the kids are o.k except for a few scrapes from broken glass.
Don't know when they will get back on the road...but I know they need the things out of their van before they can continue their trip.
Thank you God for the fact that YOU ARE GOOD ALL THE TIME!


Denise said...

The Holy Spirit....We need to always listen....... HE is always speaking...

(I have had such a hard day today.. talking to the Lord about my Father, it is his birthday today)

Your Word Verification here on this page is father........ how sweet..

sunnycalgirl said...

I love that if we are listening that He alerts us..PTL!

Denise said...

You are just a Christmas blessing..

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Thank God for his provision and protection and the prayers of the saints! I count on the faithful prayers of friends to "get to the knees" when the Spirit prompts on my behalf. I try and do the same for others. Oh that we all might be inclined to "listen" more to what our Father is saying to us in our moments.

So grateful for your friend's safety. May you both know the peace of Christ in fullness this day.


Pastor Lisa said...

Good ear Sharon! I'm so glad you heard from the Father and was able to comfort your friend. You my dear...totally rock. Love you bunches.