Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not Alone

I have had a stirring to return here for awhile now.
I feel the Lord moving in my life....a good thing. And yet, I know that this battle is by no means over.
 And so, I think for now........ I will use this area to thank Him for the things that I can see 
and the things that I can not see.
The things these earthly eyes can see are not always positive in my eyes....but my spirit man knows He is at work doing something wonderful for eternity.
What I want to do......practice living in the unseen.
Practice proclaiming what has already been set in the heavenlies.
So here goes....
*Thank you God that Keith is in La fighting to provide for our family.
*Thank you for the deeper faith that will be ours on the other side. 
*Thank you for the provisions you have promised.
*Thank you for the discomfort that drives me to you.
*Thank you that you are all about protecting your name.
*Thank you for opening my eyes to the beauty all around me.
*Thank you for holding Julia and I with unseen and often unfelt hands.
*Thank you that you are the supplier of all things...not a job, and not my husband.
*Thank you for loving me......period.

And should there be any out there who read this.......
When is the last time you were truly able to say....
Unless God pulls this out I am sunk?


SunnySusan said...


Oh yes...I am know we are moving in one month. I have been going thru all my "stuff" many memories of how and when I got it and ya know what?...there is no way I can keep it all. And I refuse to get a storage place and pay rent each and every month just to keep it.
Most of it is kitchen platters, bowls, etc and some of my living room furniture I cannot even think of fitting it all in my apt.
But He blessed us with a very nice place with a heated pool and jacuzzi which my achy body needs so badly. So what is my stuff compared to His blessings.....just dust catchers....a few months ago I could not say this....I am thankful that now I can and only because of Him...
Such seasons of our need more hugs...{{{{{Sharon}}}}}

Nise' said...

Hi Sharon! I am thankful that reading what others are thankful for is so uplifting and causes me to praise Him all the more. Dealing with college age sons who, more often than not, make poor decisions cause me to truly say, if not for God sustaining me, giving me words of wisdom when all I want to do is yell and scream, I would be sunk.

pam said...

We're getting darn close to closing the doors on our business of 25 years. Never has a recession hit our kind of business. We have had jobs on hold for 2 that could put THOUSANDS of people to work all over this country. 25 years of honorable work, taking care of employees destroyed by the fear stirred up by satan through the's been so difficult. Yet there are jewels in heaven for my hubby. God will be our provision....right now our desert is TOTALLY blank....except for abiding with Him. But He sees what comes ahead and is guiding...we know we can trust. Sometimes that is easier than other times. It causes us to press in more and more...but from the perspective of the ways of this world our lives SUCK right now.

The things of this world do not define us but my how we grow used to our comforts and things we think of as our right for working hard. Every round we have gone through in owning this business we find a new level of "knowing" God.

Oh how I look forward to seeing His face. Praying for you...I'm thankful that my hubby is still under the same roof with me. I'm thankful you know the One who can be all you need while Keith is gone. HUG

Rita said...

Hi Sharon,

I just found your blog today and read all your entries .... I hope you will continue blogging!!

To answer your question "Unless God pulls this out I am sunk?" . . . there have been several occasions (especially during the past 8 years) when I came to that startling realization! As you know, it's through the times of our deepest trials that we grow closer to the Lord ... and that has been true for me. I gave my heart to the Lord when I was 5 years old and I'm 60 now, so my journey with Him has been a long one. My Savior, Jesus Christ, is so precious and I am so humbled by His loving faithfulness.

Thank you for sharing your faith with your blog readers ... you've really blessed me today!

~ Rita

Denise said...

Just Tuesday I told the Father that if HE did not keep me safe by HIS hand in the cleft of the rock then my fear would surely consume me........ HE sheltered me.......

So much to be thankful for BUT there is so much to be vigilant for.... he is like a roaring lion....... Watch and pray......

I am so glad you are back.. I have promised myself to get back to the blog land.. This is where relationships are developed...

Praying for you...... Love ya!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Unless God...

I think we can all voice these two simple words--really words of faith, giving credit where credit is due. I pray you "unless God" continues to unfold in tangible measure this week and that what is not yet "seen" in your eyes will reveal its majesty and fullness very soon.

Blessings, sister.