Monday, August 23, 2010

Earth Is Not Alone

Recently I finished a book by the new to me author, John Knapp ll.
For those of us who enjoy science fiction you know what it is like to get lost in the story line of a great is with this anticipation that we open each new book. 
I will admit that this book took more than the first chapter to catch my attention......but I am so glad that I continued with the reading.  The book begins in our world several years in the future in a little town in Pennsylvania. The earth has been thrown into major chaos after an event destroys all modern day conveniences. And although this circumstance is not what the book is all surrounds our introduction to the main characters. 
As the book begins a boy and girl are being accused of cheating on papers they were required to write.  These characters while essential to the story soon disappear into the background as they begin to share the substance of their papers.......a "tale" from another world. 
There were times in the beginning that I found the jumping from story to story a tad confusing.....but in the end I found that the author had done a great job tying it all together.
The second story line takes place on another world.....a world where I was swept away by suspense, heroic actions, love and people fighting to defend the honor of our God. Our God found on another world?! At first skeptical, I later found that I loved the authors ability to explain how this was possible.
There were times, so enthralled with the story, that I wished the author had just focused on the story taking place in the world called Zareba. But in the end, I found that both stories were essential to the pulling together of the whole story.
The author definitely leaves the reader wanting more. It was a great read. Ultimately, I found myself looking forward to the next book in this series......The Blood Of Three Worlds.   

About the Author;
John KnappII is a former Profess of English at SUNY Oswego and writer of science textbooks for Silver Burdett. His volume of poetry, A Pillar of Pepper, won the first C.S. Lewis Gold Medal in 1983. A former department editor for School Science and Mathematics, he founded (and edited) The Westigan Review of Poetry and the Endless Mountains Story Club. He and his wife divide their time between the (future) "Susquehanna Territory" and Florida. (pg 499)   
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Denise said...

Awesome review sis.

grey like snuffie said...

Sounds interesting. Our family has grown to love science fiction. My husband says it's the one thing that HE gave our family. :o) But I, too, am often confused by stories that jump around from the time to time...but then hubby explains and I'm back into it...waiting to see what happens. I'm always looking for books for him...when ever he travels it's good for him to have a book.
Hope the new job is going well...I've kind of been out of touch not really hopping around like I used to.

John Knapp II said...

Glad you enjoyed my book, EARTH IS NOT ALONE! One thing not commonly said: For those of you who love to read aloud together, this is a great "out-loud" adventure/romance with a bit of terror here and there. More than 70 people in the "Susquehanna Territory" have heard sizable chunks of this story "out loud." --John Knapp II

Keep up your good work!