Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Job news and this and that

A few of you have asked how Keith's job interview went....
He thinks things went very well.
The lady who did the interview said that she thought Keith had gotten the job.
The morning before the job Keith and I prayed that God would put him where he wants him.
After all.....any missionary going into the mission field prays about where God would have them we want him where he will be of the greatest service to our God.
We will find out Monday what God has planned.

And I finished  getting all my paper work in for the school hopefully I will be all cleared to start subbing on the 8th of this month.
I am trying not to let my head run ahead of the plans of God...but it would be so cool if this works out.
This would allow me to be at home when Julia needs me....and home in time to cook dinner for my family.
We shall see.

And I wanted to bring you up to date on my friend workout buddy that has cancer.
She started her IL-2 on Monday in Charlotte. This has been the only treatment that has shown it can cure her type of cancer. Of course we know that God can do this with a word...but until then we do pray that He uses this to destroy the cancer that has invaded her body.
There have been many of us praying for her as she goes through is a pretty dangerous procedure.
I have talked with her on and off the last few days and her spirits are high.
Here is a picture of Elayne that her husband sent me
The treatment causes you to gain about 20 pounds of fluid in about 3 to 4 she wanted me to see what she looked like on the heavy side. :)
But see the sweet joy on her face?
That is the girl I know and love.
She is getting very tired now..this picture was taken yesterday......and this
is when the dangerous things start to happen.
She will have her 8th treatment tonight at 11 and then tomorrow they will do blood work to see if her body can handle any more treatment for now.
Please pray that as this treatment proceeds that God will show her how near He is....the doctors have been astounded at how she is doing.....I would say that is proof positive that He is holding her lovingly in His hands.
She should be home by Saturday...and then be home for two weeks to recoup before she goes back for another round.
Thank you for your prayers.....please keep it up.
If you have time.... the following is a excerpt from Prime Time With just made me smile.
I can think of a few people here that are in that dark spot.....He has a in Him.
Deep Things
TGIF Today God Is First Volume 2, by Os Hillman
"He reveals the deep things of darkness and brings deep shadows into the light" (Job 12:22).

One of the great mysteries of the Kingdom is how God uses the darkest times in our lives to reveal greater depths of understanding of His ways. The only way we can receive these deeper things is to be driven to the depths of darkness. It is here that we discover important truths that He plans to use in our lives and the lives of others.
There is a process God uses to draw us into greater levels of intimacy. The first phase involves a depth of soul experience that causes great pain in our lives. We seek God for deliverance from the incredible emotional pain this causes. Our primary motivation for seeking God is to get out of our pain.
During this time, God meets us in the depths of darkness. We discover that He never left us but is in the midst of the darkness. We develop a new relationship with God. Gradually our motivation turns from removal of pain to love and intimacy with God. This is the place our Heavenly Father desires us to be.
During this season God will make spiritual deposits into your life. Others will be making withdrawals in the future from your life as well. You see, God reveals deep things in darkness that will be revealed in the light.
He always has a purpose! \o/

And because I am a LOUISIANA girl a heart........GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
This just goes to prove that you should never, Never, NEVER give up!
Proud of you boys!


Denise said...

Sweet sis, you and Keith remain very much in our prayers, asking God to bless you abundantly. Lifting dear Elayne way up in my prayers also. Take care, love you so very much.

grey like snuffie said...

I SO GET the Deep Things much that seemed complicated gets simplified down to abiding with Him...Job and I are kindred spirits. I have not lost family but MANY other things that were so important to me is well!

luvmy4sons said...

Will surely be praying for your friend Elayne. Thanks or keeping us posted on your jobs and all. Will cover that too sweet sister in prayer. Loved the article about the deep places with God. The longer I live the more i know this to be true! Hugs and blessings to you today sister. We have a BIG snow storm headed our way! I think you might get hit too. Hunker down!

Pastor Lisa said...

And He sent His word and healed them...Prayers for Elayne. And whatever God has in store for you Keith regarding employment, I pray it manifest now!

Love you bunches!

Melanie said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting lately- I still read on my google reader, I just don't always have time to comment :(

Praying for you and Keith and the job situation! And I'm thinking and praying for Elayne.

Halfmoon Girl said...

This is the first Super Bowl that has really interested me- I love to root for the underdog!

Will look forward to finding out that Keith got that job! Praying for your friend.