Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bits of blue

Leaving behind the large crowds...... they settled into what they were so familiar with...... glad for the quiet that they would enjoy if even for a short while.
Crowds on the far shore waited for the precious cargo they carried.
Cargo that was tired and in need of a break.
And so they talked quietly as He slept in the front of the boat. Among the discussions were tales of the blind who had regained their sight, the lame who were now rushing here and there enjoying healthy legs.
They looked lovingly over at the sleeping man....simply amazed
that they had been chosen for this incredible journey.
 But soon tired bodies began to droop as others took over the sails...each  secretly longed for a soft spot to lay an exhausted bodies. Adrenaline does strange things to a body...and they were only too aware that racing energy leads quickly to muscles that scream for relief.
Just as a few eyes were beginning to droop a strong steady breeze began to build.
Lolling heads settled back in to sleep knowing those in control were more than 
capable of getting them to the other side. 
It wasn't until a little later....when the cold spray of water hit them... that their slumber was brought to an abrupt end.
Looking out over the edge of the boat 
they noticed that the stars were no longer reflected on the water...instead white caps clearly spoke of rough times to come.
And although groans of frustration for a harder trip were heard...none were alarmed at conditions
they had often seen before.
Alas, the calm self assurance lasted only a while longer as the winds began to stir the water into a frenzy.
A few looked toward the front of the boat a tad aggravated that their friend would soon be driven from His rest by cold water already beginning to fill the bottom of the boat.
Concerned shouts could be heard by a few as the  boat rolled side to side.
No one knows who first mentioned waking Jesus.
Surely they would not even have to wake Him...they were confident that no one could sleep under such horribly dangerous conditions.
Long afterward with great shame they think it was probably their combined shouts that woke Him.
Rolling over He sat up and stretched before He stood in the rocking boat.
He was greeted by a unanimous.....
"Lord do you not care that we are about to drown?"
And with that He looked out over the raging water and whipping wind and raising His arms
He spoke using His quiet authoritative power........
"Peace Be Still".
With breath still held...... they marveled....the storm was no more.
All eyes turned in astonishment to look at the man who claimed obedience from even the wind and the waves.
Peace be still has been His message to me for the past year.....I am still learning to obey 
as well as the wind and the waves. ;) 
Tonight this was the story (with a few changed words and lots of added hand motions) that 
I told in our Awana's class.
We have the three and four year olds.....all boys I might add. :)
You have to really be on your toes to keep the attention of these guys.....and how sweet of God to provide such a great drama filled story to teach us all about His power.
I love to see their faces often amazed by the things that us older folks.... having heard these stories so often.....probably take a little for granted. 
It was a great evening...that ended with probably a tad to much sugar...sorry moms. :)
Here was the snack  I prepared.....who knew the disciples looked so much like Veggie Tale characters.
 Yes, they are supposed to be little boats...the blue is the water coming over the sides.
Notice that one is missing a crew he did not go over board.....there were just more boats than crew members. :)
I found these little guys in the Easter candy section at sweet of them to make them for me. 
The finished product just made me should have seen the faces of the boys.
It was nice to see them get such joy out of something so little.

Remember to have a little fun and spread the is often WAY to serious!

See........even these trees captured a bit of fun after a recent snow.

Life is short....find something to laugh about today!


Mom Gidcumb; Dad Gidcumb said...

Great retelling of an amazing story! Can imagine all of those little guys responding to your dramatic telling of this story. Love the snacks. They must have, too.

Wish you had been here today. Jeannie and I went out to lunch at la Madeleine for my birthday. Grabbed a table in front of the fireplace and talk a mile a minute. Then we went "shop-seeing" which is what you do when you aren't spending money! Only thing missing was YOU!

grey like snuffie said...

Those were great little boats....great tie-in for those little boys...

luvmy4sons said...

What a blessing you are! You have such a way with words. You made that story come alive for those children I am sure! Those treats looked fabulous. Bless your sweet heart! So awesome!

Melanie said...

Love it!! And those little boats are so cute!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved reading your post tonight...
I had an entire evening to blog much visit new blogs and catch up with friends Be sure and stop by mine. This is my ONE YEAR Blog Anniversary and there are LOTS of prizes everyday this week and next....I am celebrating the entire month.

Sandi said...

I love those little boats. I might try them for the Sunday School kids.

Denise said...

Thanks for always blessing me sis, love you.

Winging It said...

What a wonderful fresh way to make that story come alive, Sharon! Ir was like reading it for the first time! And I LOVE the little boats and the fact that you ministered to those little boys fresh, fresh, wonderful manna!

Love you!

SunnySusan said...

so sweet....I am sure the kids were hanging on with every word...I was....hehe....the are amazing my friend and God has amazing things for you to ya