Friday, November 13, 2009

It's been soooooo long!

Today I got to climbed through our storage unity..... it has been almost three years
since I have seen some of the things in the bixes.
Tomorrow is our Mother Daughter tea at church and I was blessed to be asked to sponsor a table.
That means that you decorate the table for the theme.... this year it is---Thanks and Giving.
Ya'll I LOVE doing this type of thing.
Back during our time in Louisiana.......when I was teaching our women's Bible study...I would end each study with a meal for the women.  It was a time for me to pull out all those culinary skills from the restaurant business...and pull out all the stops with the table and room decorations.
I just loved it!
But alas....we moved and all those things have been moving
from one storage to another...for almost three years.
It was such fun crawling over all the boxes...ripping off tape (sorry Keith) and finding all kinds of neat things I
had really forgotten I even had. It was like Christmas/Birthday all over again!
Some were things that had been given to me to use in my new house.....and one day
I believe they will have a home! :)
But till then..... it was so nice to pull them out and start envisioning what I could do with my table.
A friend (Tracy) had given me a demitasse set.... and Keith's Mom had given me a tiny tea between the two I had plenty for the girls and women.
I went this morning to set up my table and I thought ya'll might like seeing what I came up with.

These pictures are not the best but you get the idea.
 I wish you could see this close up....sitting in between the candles is the cutest little mouse. The little pillows will be giveaways for the ladies along with the little jar candles.
I can't wait till I have a chance to do this type of thing more often. I want to encourage those of you
who have things hidden away in your cabinets that you would love to use...USE THEM!
There are so many women who would love to get together for a tea or afternoon luncheon.
You don't have to make everything.....let them bring their specialty...or have a cookie exchange with Christmas coming up. 
And just think how great it would be to get a chance to share your life and the LOVE of our Father.
If you don't want to do this in your home...then see if you can schedule something like this at your church.
I know a lot of churches do this type of thing.....jump in if you have not.
Tomorrow my SIL will be speaking at our tea. She will be talking about their journey through cancer with their young son......and how even in the rough times you can be deliberately thankful.
Please pray for her...she is a tad nervous.

Just a thought....this Sunday when you are attending your local church.....ask God to show you a young woman/mother who needs a hug and word of encouragement.
I promise you....she will in turn encourage your heart.


SunnySusan said...

I see that cute little great...I would love to do this you

maybe a couple of prayers for us...Amy and I have this horrible flu....thanks

Denise said...

Very nice decorations.

grey like snuffie said...

You did a beautiful job decorating.

luvmy4sons said...

Looks so pretty. I just love your giving, kind, heart! Anyone at your table is going to be richly blessed beyond measure!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

great table decor!! love it!!

Southern Sunflower said...

It us so beautiful brings back good memories

your long lost friend
maw maw

Winging It said...

Beautiful! Your table is blessed to have you loving on them! I am sure this will be a sweet time! I'm glad you got to get in those boxes and encourage yourself too!

love ya!

Amy said...

Your table was beautiful! Your hugs are always great, too! Thank you for hosting our tea!

MelanieJoy said...

Love the table! You guys must have had a sweet time together! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Melanie said...

Looks beautiful!! What pretty decorations- I love fall decorations.

At my MOPS meeting last week there were some Mentor Moms who really encouraged me. Sometimes us "younger" moms don't even realize we are in need of that encouragement until we get it. I'm thankful that God showed some ladies that I was the one who needed some encouragement!

Halfmoon Girl said...

great reminders, Sharon! I love your table decor- I clicked on the pic and could see all the detail!

Mary said...


Your table is absolutely delightful. I can see that little mouse sitting there when I enlarge the photo. So cute.

Enjoy the tea tomorrow and have a great week.

Tracy said...

Oh my gosh Sharon! How beautiful!!! You describing it to me over the phone didn't even prepare me for how good it turned out. It is so detailed and well thought out. I see you found the little spoons for the tea set. I love the little mouse and colors and the ribbon and........... I have to stop cause I do need to get to bed at some point. hee hee. I see Maw Maw left a comment. So good to hear from her. Next time you talk to her, tell her I said hello and think of her often. Remind me to tell you about my conversation with Johnathan. Oh yeah, and next time you dig around in the storage unit, remember you have name cards/ or holders (I can't remember which) for the place settings. I know everyone felt special and was blessed. That's simply what you do.

Love, Tracy