Friday, September 18, 2009

A Time To Remember

Rosh Hashanah.....a day to remember and repent.
Today at sunset the Jews will be observing a time to remember and cast of sins of the past.....on this the first day of their new year.
But unlike the celebrations of those in the United States...this is a somber time to evaluate our lives.
I think that is a good idea for us all.
We need to remember who we belong to.......remember the language of the country we belong to and will be going at the trumpets call.
Here is a story I found on this

The Cry of the Shofar: Two Parables

A parable from Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov:

A King had an only son, the apple of his eye. The King wanted his son to master different fields of knowledge and to experience various cultures, so he sent him to a far-off country, supplied with a generous quantity of silver and gold. Far away from home, the son squandered all the money until he was left completely destitute. In his distress he resolved to return to his father's house and after much difficulty, he managed to arrive at the gate of the courtyard to his father's palace.

In the passage of time, he had actually forgotten the language of his native country, and he was unable to identify himself to the guards. In utter despair he began to cry out in a loud voice, and the King, who recognized the voice of his son, went out to him and brought him into the house, kissing him and hugging him.

The meaning of the parable: The King is G-d. The prince is the Jewish people, who are called "Children of G-d" (Deuteronomy 14:1). The King sends a soul down to this world in order to fulfill the Torah and mitzvot. However, the soul becomes very distant and forgets everything to which it was accustomed to above, and in the long exile it forgets even its own "language." So it utters a simple cry to its Father in Heaven. This is the blowing of the shofar, a cry from deep within, expressing regret for the past and determination for the future. This cry elicits G-d’s mercies, and He demonstrates His abiding affection for His child and forgives him.

WE are the children of the King.
And like the individual in this story we often forget from who's blood we have come and the language of our homeland.
It is time to return to our roots......and pray that our country returns to its roots.
Take time to remember and repent,
so that when the trumpet sounds......we will be found among those
that have remained faithful to the call.
We are His people....called by His name.
We are engraved in His hand and lovingly held till that day.


grey like snuffie said...

Wonderful...lots to ponder on

Denise said...

Very awe inspiring.

Winging It said...

Love this! It's going to be an unusual and awe-filled year! I sense it to my toenails!

I will check out that site! Thanks for that!

Winging It said...

Love this! It's going to be an unusual and awe-filled year! I sense it to my toenails!

I will check out that site! Thanks for that!

Anonymous said...

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