Monday, September 28, 2009

Pray for your man

Never Alone

She slumped to the ground and leaned heavily against the giant rock at her back.

She filled her lungs, exhaling slowly as she fought to overcome the adrenaline rush that sped the blood through her veins.

It had been a rough battle. When she had first seen the evil horde, led by the merciless stomping steeds......her heart had almost stopped. But as she pulled her sword and glanced to her sides she a deep assurance of victory filled her heart as she saw all the soldiers in polished armor standing with her.

With a light heart she waited for the battle cry.... not wanting to step out on her own. As she planted her feet she had felt the weight of a hand on her arm. She looked over and saw the glint in her husbands eyes as he shared his love and assurance with a glance.

At just that moment the yell had gone up and with eyes locked they had nodded and turned to the battle side by side.

It was fierce and her screaming muscles agreed that it seemed the battle would go on forever. As far as the eye could see the battle raged. Couples stood back to back as over and over they raised their swords to stave off the putrid mass that sought to separate them.

As she fought she stumbled often on warriors that had gone down in battle. Sometimes she observed one mate standing to defend the wounded and yet sadly, others had no one lingering near. She swung at the enemy croching over their fallen frame whenever she could.

At those times she had turned to look into the eyes of the one fighting with her...eyes locked as they confirmed their pack.....Never Alone.

Eventually the onslaught had eased as the enemy retreated to regroup.

She then felt her husbands hand grasp hers as he lead her to rest on nearby rock.

And here they sat....both longing for the cool of the mountain top...... away from the heat of the battle. But instead, their senses were invaded by the smell of fires smoldering; fires that had been started by the firey arrows of the enemy.

As her heart returned to rest she looked down to see his hand, bloodied and brusied from battle, lying on her armoured thigh. Turning her head she saw his eyes closed in rest. A smile touched her face as she thought of how she loved this warrior, this man God had given to fight by her side. She was honored to be fighting with him.


Amy Carmichael

His thoughts said...

His Father said...


"But the attack on that position is persistent and violent.
There is no end to it.

His Father said, Nor ever will be. Measure the
preciousness of Spiritual Unity by the persistence of the violence of Satanic
Attack." Pg 107

During my devotions on the 24th God gave me the picture message was then followed by the same type of thought in the book I was reading by Amy Carmichael. I thought the picture God gave me was a perfect description of how I had been feeling about my husband. I never dreamed it was a warning about the attack that was coming. I didn't see the enemy sneeking up and I took the blow Friday without being able to block it. It knocked me flat.
To be honest, I had not been surrounding my husband in prayer as much as I had been others and their marriages. And because of that....the enemy TRIED a full onslaught against my thus destroy our unity.
But......the enemy didn't win. \o/
Why share this?
Because I have found in the past that our enemy often attacks the whole body using the same war tacktics. So it may be your turn next.
I want you to pray passionately for your mate.
Pray that God will strengthen them in the power of His might and protect them from the schemes of the enemy.
He is a liar and a cheat and he is sneaking around seeking to devour anyone he can.
Let your man know you are praying for them.
I will not bend my knee to the enemy and let him march around taking whatever territory he desires.....and I will not let him take what God has done in our marriage over the past few years. Our unity is not up for grabs!
We will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with our swords raised.
Pray for your man!


Denise said...

Amen, I stand with you my sister in this battle.

A Captured Reflection said...

Sharon, this is so powerful, from the first word I could see you on that battlefield and I believe God was speaking to me that you are called to declare "Wake up" to the wounded Warriors and calling them forth - to pray for those marriages.

The battle for the relationships is intense and I will pray for you and Keith. I honour what you have ahead in God and the onslaught is on as breakthrough is coming -

Praying! Your Words spoke life to this wounded warrior and something is stirring in me, getting up to fight - so I bless you and thank you and stand with you too.

luvmy4sons said...

Beautiful sweet sister. Beautiful. And AMEN! Oh to see with spiritual eyes and know how powerful our prayers are! Lovely thoughts to start my day. Thank you!

Sharon said...

Have a nice week.. I am struggling to read this, but its ok, Know that I am praying and asking the Lord to take care of any needs you or your family have.

Blessings :)

Melanie said...

I never knew how hard marriage could be! My parents made it look easy. It's definitely something I need to pray a lot about!

SunnySusan said...

Amen....thanks for the ya

Holly said...

You know I so appreciate your heart for your family and for praying for your husband. I know it is so important to do! And I take your warning with much weightiness.

Also, I just wanted to say thank you for your words to me today. They meant a lot!! I will be reading blogs and attending to what others have to say in this season. I think the Lord will raise His arm at some point and say, "get back to it." For now, I am soaking in His love and in the wonderful folks He has placed around me, like you!!