Saturday, September 5, 2009

It is time for harvest!

I am going to ask you to do some serious praying.
We have a sister in Christ who has found that her marriage under a huge attack.
And since the Bible tells us that what we are experiencing....the body of Christ is also experiencing.....I would venture to say that she is not the only one out there going through this.Align Center

I won't go into the details here...but God knows. And He will put to her credit your prayers.
Remember how you prayed for our safety? Those prayers work!
Our enemy wants to plant doubts about that truth. I heard someone last night say that we need to go right back at satan with those doubts.
Can we tell him that we doubt the validity of those doubts?
I think if we finally decide to stand on the truth we might just confuse the author of confusion!

Remember our God promises that He is near to the broken hearted.
I need some warriors who are willing to stand with me.
Warriors who have put on their armor and are ready to fight the good fight.
Are you ready?
You are not just a Woman,
a Sister, a Mom or a Wife....
or any of those other titles that the world likes to throw at us.
If you are a Sister in are also called to fight like the warrior you are.
Ready to link arms and put out some of those fiery darts? is what to pray for.
Let's pray for unity in marriage.
All of our marriages!
Let's thank God for making His tender presence known.... to this sister who is hurting and all of our sisters who are hurting silently.
I know that I am not the only one who in the past looked at my marriage and thought that it had not lived up to what I thought it should be or wanted it to be.
Or what the Bible says it should be.
That will crush our hearts so fast.

Pray for husbands who will stand up and take the spiritual lead.
Not stomp on hearts.....but gently go with us to the throne. We need husbands who will love their wives as Chirst loves the church.
It can happen......I will have been married 22 years in November......and God will testify that for 10+ years I prayed for this in our marriage. I just wanted to know and feel that I was loved.
And it is has happened.

Pray that memories of past love and romance will be brought back to the forefront of the mind. Where the mind goes the body follows.
Let's pray that God will light a fire where the fires may have gone out.
Yes, physical intimacy is IM.POR.TANT!

MOST OF ALL.......Pray that God will be glorified in our marriages.
That His will will be done here on earth as it is in heaven.
When the battle looks to our eyes like it is over and being lost.......our prayers can and will
call down
The Commander of Heavens Armies
and all His power.
I think we can all use the what is available to us through His power.

And I will remind you of this......when you pray for the lives of are planting seeds for a wonderful harvest for yourself and your marriage.
There will be no harvest without seeds being planted.
And when we plant a seed....think about an apple seed......the harvest comes in in bushels!And for years to come!

So lets plant those seeds.
Are you with me?


Melanie said...

I will certainly pray for this situation!

Denise said...

Standing in prayer with you sis.

TammieFay said...

I love you girl. Consider these arms linked with yours!

Halfmoon Girl said...

In answer to your question: "yes!"

Winging It said...

With you and praying, tho late,prayers are still heard and needed! Consider me back-up! Part of the 2nd wave! :) I am passionate about this topic!!