Sunday, August 2, 2009

Whats on my mind

It has been awhile since I have talked about what God has been showing me about myself.
This lesson has been a long time in the making.
A few years ago....while an evangelist was visiting our church.....he was giving "words" to people.
I had just finished serving them all a dinner at our house and we were sitting around talking.
During our discussion.....he asked me what I thought my spiritual gifts were.
I won't go into what I said.....but he told me that the only gift I was ready to hear I had was....... that I had the gift of service.
Now honestly.....I didn't really want to hear this. You see...... I figured that he was just seeing what I had been trained and raised to do.
In our home while I was growing up......we had responsibilities and we were taught to put others first......thus we served.
No, it was not always something we enjoyed doing.....but manners demanded it.
So as I grew up....and I saw others not even interested in doing what I had been taught was the right thing to do.....I began to have a twisted view of what came "naturally" to me.
I served when I wanted to....and when I didn't want to.....I did it grudgingly.
It had to be done and no one else was jumping up to the plate.

There were times when I served that I received such joy...and strength.
I don't know why I never saw these times for what they were.
And honestly..... when I read scripture and it said to eagerly desire certain gifts ....those were the gifts I wanted.......not the gift of service.

So I almost stopped serving....... because to my shame....I didn't want to believe that service could be one of my gifts. I didn't' realize how my twisted thinking was robbing me.....robbing others and God.

Several times God has tried to bring to mind the words of the evangelist.
And I would push those thoughts right on out the window because of other things that surrounded that visit.

Then the other day....while cleaning up on the mountain...getting ready for those that would come.....the thoughts returned.
This time as my body grew weary of cleaning.....something was taking place in my spirit.
A joy and strength was rising......and this time I did not ignore it.
I leaned in to what the Spirit was revealing.
And I praised God for allowing me to serve using the gift He equipped me with long ago.
I can not explain the release that took place.
Do I still have the desire to use the other gifts He gave me.....oh yes!
But the opportunity will come to use those when He is ready.

I know that there are many out there who will read this post and know what I have spoken about. You have walked this path. I pray that you bend your knee to His will.
That you realize that power and strength come when we use what He has given us.... for His glory.
It is not a thankless job.....because each time I use what He has given me.....each time I serve with a willing heart.....His power increases in this human body.
And the Joy of the Lord...imagine Him looking down on you as you serve......that joy becomes our strength. Is there strength missing in your soul and spirit?
Could it be that you are not doing what you are gifted to do?

Listen to the Spirit......He teaches, He comforts, He guides.
He brings freedom.

And yes, we are all called to serve.....but some are especially gifted by God for this area....just as we all teach by our actions....but some are specially gifted to teach.

And for the winner of the Caribou Coffee cards......there were only three of you who could use them. So I went to mister number generator and put in the number 3.
I went in order of those who had commented and this was the winner.

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Leslie, you are the blessed one! I know I should have your snail mail...but to be on the safe side could you send it to me again?

Thanks all for participating and leaving comments....yes, even those of you who have no love for coffee. That's o.k......more for us! ;)


Denise said...

You are such a dear heart blessing, love you.

Shirley said...

Hi Sharon, I can't say how much I so enjoy your posts....and how God speaks to me through them. I won't take up space here, but I plan to send you an email.

Love you in Christ.

SunnySusan said...

Congrats to Leslie!!!

Yes, I have gifts that I am afraid of.....yikes,I have said it...

I have opened my house for our church's lady's bible study...I am slowly coming to grips with what the Lord has been telling me for quite a while...blessings to you and yours...

luvmy4sons said...

Wow! Thanks! I will send you my snail mail address in an e-mail! And I love your heart once again. I so often consider my gifts to be a curse and often I am a reluctant user of these gifts! Hugs sweet sister! Love this post! I can't believe I won! LOL!

MelanieJoy said...

It's neat to hear you say this. Ever since I've started reading your blog and in getting to know you I've heard you talk about this ministry on the mountain. To now see you serving it for now and for's blessed even me in my own faith where I am. Love ya

Sandi said...

I don't have the gift of service. God has made that clear to me and I'm ok with it. Where I often feel bad is when I leave someones home and realize I didn't little to help them while they served me. It isn't selfishness it is it doesn't enter my mind till hubby gently says on the way home. How comes you didn't get up to help her. Now we have a signal for him to drawl it to my attention.

SunnySusan said...

Hi teaching just opening my house for the study....I am excited about it....

A Captured Reflection said...

This is such an anointed post Sharon. I keep on thinking about it. I go away do something else and this post keeps coming back.

Serving it's a toughie when ourselves get in the way - and there is a lot of me in the way.

At times I feel frustrated when I am tired and picking up after the kids or tending to them so much...and then your post struck me again - a reminder from God that this is the season where I am called to serve them, not me.