Friday, August 28, 2009


(This might seem a little silly....but is the way He has wired my brain)

Waaay back in May.....just after Mother's Day......I planted my first tomato plant.
I bought one of those cool hanging tomato planters.....because gravel does not make good soil for planting. :)
Keith was nice enough to get his tools out to make a hole in the ground so that I could put the stand in the ground. I knew that tomatoes need a LOT of sun....not something we have a lot of here around the camper.
I wanted to make sure I got some I thought the back side of the camper got more sun.....he thought the front. Yes, we had a little debate....he won. :)
A month went by and the plants (I put two in mine) grew....but still no buds.
A few people said they would never have tomatoes because the conditions were just not right.
Finally one morning I came out to examine my project....and there was at last one small flower!
I was so first sign that there would be a tomato.
We left to go out of town and I asked a neighbor to watch over my baby.
I was just hoping to come back to a live plant.
Sure enough when we got back two weeks later there was a tomato the size of a pea.
I was sooooo excited~I guess it doesn't take much. ;)
Eventually after three more weeks of telling Keith that my one tomato was in need of more sun......he moved it to the back side of the camper. \o/
And I have been gently watching over that tomato ever since.
I have kept it watered...and watched for bugs.
But for the longest time....just green tomatoes.
I thought we might just have to settle for some fried green tomatoes. :(
And then about two weeks ago I thought just maybe I might be seeing something besides the color green. Sure enough a few days later......I had an orange color tomato!
We were making progress!
And then a week later I did a happy dance as I gently pulled that first tomato off the vine.
Yes, there are now a few more coming along behind it!
And here is my baby!
I am almost giddy as I take this picture. Silly....I know.
How in the world can I eat something I have waited sooooo long for? :)
Some said.....most said that I would never see this day.....but I just knew it would come.
I am the oh so proud parent of a tomato!

O.K, I warned ya'll this was are the thoughts that followed.
Yes, it is just how HE has wired my brain.

As I held that tomato I wondered if that is how God thinks when He holds the fruit
that is produced in my life.
He knew what I was capable of producing when I became His child.
Knew that with the right amount of love and nourishment from the Son.....I would produce much fruit for His glory.
And so He watched over me........and when I was not getting what I needed...He moved me so I would get what I needed.
And when those suckers came along that wanted to steal what I needed......He reached down and removed them.
And then one day as He tenderly watched and waited......evidence of the nourishment surfaced.
I bloomed!
He KNEW it would come.....and it did.
He had planned and planted ......the fruit would soon come that would provide nourishment for others.
During those growth stages I can promise you that I was
very impatient for "my fruit" to show up.
And they did just as promised.....scripture says that by their fruit you will know them.
Do you think He did a happy dance when He began to gather my ripe fruit?
I don't know about the dance.....but I would like to think that the great cloud of witnesses cheered like the fans of a team scoring during a hard fought game.
And when that cheer went up.....I am sure that made Him smile.
That confident smile that says, See, I knew just what I was doing all along!

And He knows just what He is doing in your life too!
You may be looking around at your life wondering how you got where you are.
You may think you are a little behind in the growth area......and that you are way past the season of producing the fruit He intended you to carry.
Just remember.....He is the great gardener. He promised that until His return seed time and harvest would not end.
And He has the bushel all ready to gather what He has worked so hard to work out in you.
Keep taking in the nourishment......fruit is coming!
He will see to it.


SunnySusan said...

Oh girl...I love how He wired your brain....and thanks for everything you said....and prayers...
love you... @/*-*\@

grey like snuffie said...


Denise said...

You are so wise my dear sis, love you.

Oh Sew Good said...

It seems to me that you're brain is wired just right. :) Else, we're both in trouble. :)

TammieFay said...

The last couple of days have been very difficult and discouraging. You have no idea how much I needed to read this...especially this morning. Thank you my sweet friend...would appreciate your prayers.

Denise said...

Some days I wonder if my wires are crossed! BUT then low and behold something makes sense and HE gets through to me....Mercy..... it will be so wonderful when we see HIM face to face and chat daughter to Father!

Melanie said...

Sometimes we just don't understand why certain experiences happen, but it is just all part of making us to become the best fruit we can be.

MelanieJoy said...

Oh this and I'm grinning as I read it!! I'm so with you on these thoughts! I can't believe where I'm standing right now. He is so faithful and I'm so grateful!!
Love you and so missing talking to you!!!

Sharon said...

This is good my friend, I had a smile on my face as I read this because I too like you was excited when I got my first fruits off my mater bush. And in amazement on how God works in me.
Greatful for sure!
Have a beautiful week :)