Sunday, July 26, 2009

This is the day...

Hey girl,
I know I have been absent here for awhile....but all is well. :)
I just wanted to stop in and see how you are doing.
You know it is amazing how God brings you to mind even when I am not browsing through your blogs. I wonder how certain ones of you are doing with your kids. Wonder what incredible things God is teaching you.....and of course I can't wait to have a chance to read.
I also think and pray about others who are living with spouses that are not YET believers.
God is with you.....He is close to your hurting heart.
Remain firm in your the quiet presence of our God in your home.....He is faithful.
Don't forget to surround yourself with believers who will encourage you in your faith...and by that stroke the fire of God within you.
I think of two who are dealing with parents who are not well......I pray you sense the presence of the One who is walking this path with you even closer than a brother would.
You are not alone.
And you have sisters praying for you.

We are a necessary great force for our Father here
in this land called internet......we are the light that shines in a world of smut and godlessness.
Be encouraged today!

We had a great conference. You have new sisters and brothers because the Word was put forth.
There were little ones who's eyes were opened to a world that is not seen with earthly eyes.
Minds that were opened to the Mighty One we serve....and they know that God has a great plan for their lives.
God is searching for all those who are willing to live for Him.....those who are willing to carry His glory. Those who are willing to pay the price it takes to carry His glory.
I pray the things they heard this week are forever seared upon their hearts.
He promises that His word will NEVER return to Him void!
Be are included in that Never.
His word is at work in your life even when you don't feel it.
What a power!
I am going to get to meet one of our blogland sisters this week....kind of excited about this.
She and her husband and girls are going to come up and spend a few days at the ministry in the mountains. God worked out this I am excited to see what He is up to with this new introduction.
I'll take pictures so that you can meet her too.
If you get a chance to visit the website for Mountain Top Experience here it is.....MTE.

Talk to you soon!

This is the day that the LORD has made......I will rejoice and be glad in it!


Holly said...

Rejoicing with you...wishing you lived closer.

Love ya Sharon!

Oh Sew Good said...

How was the Conference? I hope you enjoy your visit with your blog friend. :)

Denise said...

Hello sweet sis, love you bunches.

luvmy4sons said...

Thanks for taking time to keep your blog sisters updated. Have a great visit..glad your conference went well! Hugs and blessings!

Annie said...

Great words of comfort and encouragement. My heart is lifted upwards. Blessings, Annie

Sharon said...

Praising and rejoicing with you my friend. you have been busy for sure, I too have missed you.
Have a beautiful week :)

Denise said...

Hey girl........ Looking forward to a visit soon....... I have not been around much myself.... Mom and Dad are getting to be very dependent.. Now it is all three meals a day for them both....... I hope to get a small vacation soon.....