Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do ya ever just have one of those days?!

This week has been all about doctors visits.
Since we moved here we had not gotten our primary care doctor or that lovely female doctor you are supposed to visit at least once a year. :(
So this week I have been taking care of that.
First the primary care....who seemed dumb founded that I am not on any prescriptions and I am not fatigued.
And all was well...other than I was given a brace to wear on my right arm to see if it would help with the pain in my wrist. Either flipping all those sautee pans sunk me....or I am spending too much time typing. Either way....we will try the brace.
Then today it was time for the "other" visit.
I got a chance to talk some about God which was cool.
Nothing like trying to take everyones mind off the loveliness of the visit.
I was blessed to be able to explain about my red bird tattoo.
The doctor wanted to know if I was a Cardinal team fan. He wanted to know if that is why I got the tattoo.
Of course it was a great opening to tell him how God had given me that as a sign of His presence and love. Nothing like taking God with you to the stirrups! :)

Then I had a little time for work out and then went to see if I could catch some things on sale at a local store. We will be leaving next week to do our conference in Texas...we will probably leave
next Wednesday or Thursday. So I needed a few do dads.
I did find two things...after a discouraging session in the dressing room.
Anybody else love trying on clothes?
It seems to me that it is just a great set up for the onslaught of depression...or you of course could skip the depression and just head straight for the chocolate!
Of course that does nothing to remedy why you got depressed in the first place.
By the time I got to the checkout I did think I would manage to side step both choices.
And then it happened.
I stood in line for quite a while waiting for the many seasonal visitors to pay for their purchases...and then it was my turn. And the day turning event took place.
Now to give her a break....maybe the YOUNG girl behind the counter had been blinded by all the gray hair that had gone before.You know....... kind of like snow blindness.
But those thoughts had not yet occurred to me when I presented my two items and she looked up and from that perky little 19 to 20 personality------ said....
"Good afternoon! Are you 55 or older?"
Really I should have thought before I opened my mouth.....really I should have!

The guy standing behind me..who had not even seen my face... laughed because he already knew the answer and knew what was coming.

I just looked at her and said...
"You're kidding right!!?
I must be having a really bad day if I look that old!"
(And honestly, I am enjoying getting older...and most times I love my gray hair....... but there is just something about aging 12 years in one shopping trip)

But I was glad there was not a 55++++ standing behind me.
So much for southern graces.
And she could have stopped there....really she could have.
But then in her defense as a young...not yet mature woman......as evidenced by gray hair that proves one has great wisdom...........she said,

"Well!,I should have just put it in the computer without asking".

And as the wise older woman...as evidenced by gray hair......I just let it go.

But since I seem to be on the other side of the hill......
the rest of the day just went downhill from there. ;)

Hoping to wake up tomorrow feeling a little younger and thinner!


Denise said...

How very very very funny...... (sorry for laughing, could not help it) but just think, God gives us such wisdom with the years and we are getting smarter! That is worth something is it not! AND I have been thinking about a tattoo...... I am 62 , now is that strange or what! I have never been normal!
Maybe a nice little fish and cross......

grey like snuffie said...

Oh that's funny....we're all going through that...ahhhhh, being 50 something

Oh Sew Good said...

The first thought that comes to me is to be someone what of a stinker and tell her 55? Bless your heart! I'm 75. Wouldn't that be a hoot?!

Denise said...

Woo Hoo, lol

Sharon said...

Too funny, I have had that when I go shopping with my mom hahaha,,, I just tell them close I will take the discount anyways, hahaha.
These greys don't go away do they, I colored the other day to red, but 2 days later here comes the grey, "spring time" my hair grows so fast.
Funny you had your doctor visit so did I.
You are beautiful!
Have a Blessed Day my friend! :)

MelanieJoy said...

Hope today was a better day.

luvmy4sons said...

LOl! You do forgive me for laughing don't you? I figure my day is not too far ahead for that to happen to me. See when you are young there is not a lot of difference to them between 45 and 55! God is just keeping us humble...LOL! Too funny!

Mimi's Toes said...

This is too funny, but I know it wasn't for you though. There should be a rule of how you ask if someone is a Senior or not. That happened to my sister-in-law when she was in front of me in line at a buffet. They assumed she was a Senior and I wasn't. Made me feel good cause I'm not, but she was furious!!! She said NO!!!

Sandi said...

55! as I read this I said OUCH for you. Thanks for todays laughter

Halfmoon Girl said...

ouch. Must be the same person who asked me how I can see past my freckles...

A Captured Reflection said...

Totally I can relate to these kind of days. It has been Gynae visit, glaucoma specialists (I got the all clear!), ears, nose...you name it this year and I HATE trying on clothes, especially when over zealous shop assistants ask if you need help and offer - and I always seem to buy something I really, really don't want.

Wow, it's Texas time already. Time goes too fast.

You so don't look 55! What a cheek eh? I was asked a couple of years ago if my daughter was my granddaughter - urggh...