Tuesday, February 3, 2009


(Not from my yard but I wish it was!)

I know I have been posting some serious stuff....so when I saw this over at Mimi's Toes....I asked for a letter. What was i thinking?!
I got the letter W.:)

The object of this sweet little game is to list 10 things that you like, that you adore...well they are some of your favorite things. And then again list 10 things that you dislike, you detest....your least favorite things.

Here goes....
1. Watermelon-I know, that was an easy one....
2. Wheat bread
3. Weight loss :) \o/!!!!!!!!!!
4. Wiener dogs--I think they are adorable..but hubby says no because they have back problems.
5. Weird food---things I have never tasted---but no, I don't want to taste chocolate covered any type of bug.
6. Whatchamacallit--yes, it is a candy bar
7. Watermark--a Christian group
8. Wendy's--that was an easy one. ;)
9. Weekends \o/
10. Worship.....when it comes from the Spirit

Least Favorite--

1. Weekdays
2. Worm guts-don't mind fishing with them...detest what comes out when you put them on a hook
3. Worry
4. Weight gain :)
5. Wiseguy
6. Witchcraft
7. Wine (red)
8. Whiners (getting desperate here)
9. Wilderness---I feel like I have been here awhile now.....but the promise land is in sight
10. Water...you know how when you have not been drinking it for awhile and then go back to it it can almost make you feel sick at your stomach?

Thank you Mimi Toes for taxing my brain this morning.
Who knew that I could actually come up with that much for the letter W.
If you are desperate for a post idea or you would just like to play......ask me for a letter.
I promise not to give out the letter Z. :)

So I am off to Walmart.....oh my goodness...another W word! I can't even believe i forgot about that one. I don't know if it could fall totally under one or the other. I really don't enjoy going there...but I love that I can get everything under one roof.
We got snow last night and are expecting more today.....so I am going to hurry out before it returns.
Have a great day!
He loves you and so do I.

And thank you for being so patient with all the blog changes. I have kind of been like that person who can't figure out what to wear. ;)
I promise I'll leave this one for a little while.


Denise said...

Fun post sweet sis.

grey like snuffie said...

This was fun...I'm still trying to do a P list...I can't believe how hard it is. The worm guts turned my stomach. :) And I'm with you on the chocolate covered bugs...HOW IN THE WORLD ANYONE COULD DO THAT is beyond me. Not enough chocolate to cover the bugs...GROSS

Sharon said...

I like all the excitement from your site! :) yes no chocolate bugs for me either. But the Whatchamacallit (I hope I spelled it right) those are yummie.
You did a great job!!! WTG (waytogo)
I'm smilinggggg
Have a blessed day and stay warm
Hugssss and love

MJ said...

3. Weight loss :) \o/!!!!!!!!!!

Ha! That is good!

Shirley said...

Hey Sharon, good job on the w's. I think I would have to list Winter....I'm tired of winter. That was a good fun post.

Love ya, girl!

luvmy4sons said...

Great job on your list. Hope you had fun at Wal-Mart!

Anonymous said...

Your husband is so right about the dogs. My best friend has always had weiner dogs and they just had to have their 6 yr old one put to sleep. It became paralyzed due to back problems. They were devastated. :(

WTG on the weight loss. I have GOT to get serious here. I bought new bathing suits last year when the swimsuits went cheap and I want them to still fit this Summer!

Darlene said...

This was fun to read! I have not been a bloggy mood lately. Wanted to stop by and see how you are doing.
Like the new look!

Deanna said...

I LUV your "W" post!

Fantastic job!!

In Him,
Deanna :O)

Mimi's Toes said...

You win the Award for the most enjoyable Letter Game post....You put so much into your writings and it just captivates! I love that you included Weiner dogs. I have 2Doxie's and your hubby is right. We have had this breed for over 34 years and have had 3 dogs with bad backs and spent a fortune on surgery and vett visits, but we will still stick to this breed cause they are so much fun to have and are great with kids. I would NEVER put another dog thru back surgery again though. We were told our last doxie that passed away would walk again after the surgery, but she didn't and we ended up getting her custom made wheels to wear. She's in doggy heaven now...she was my angel dog.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

I like your new look!! =) Great list! I always love to read these it really helps to get to know someone better!!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

What I love with a "W"...


What I love less...

Wednesdays that include a snow day off from school. I'm not kidding. I can't even see the snow. Whew...what a long day.


melanie said...

Wow! That was Wonderful ;)

W is a hard one but your list was fun. And for me- Walmart would definitely be on my dislike list!

Vicki said...

Aw, that was fun! I like those wiener dogs too, and my hubby told me the same thing...lol. Hope you're doing well!


Winging It said...

Ooooh! I love Watermark, too! And nothing beats a Wendy's Frosty!

Great stuff! I'm with you on Wal-Mart it is a love/hate relationship for me, too!