Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sweet nothings

The other day on the way to my brothers to watch the critters
I was overcome by some sweet thoughts for my man....who was still out
in frigid temps working hard for our family.
Now this is the nice thing about having cell phones.....I knew
I could call and leave my sweet nothings on his phone. (And I did) And when he got a break he could pick up his voice mail
and hear what was on my heart at the time.
Sounds so romantic doesn't it?
There is always one snafu.......instead of taking the time to listen to my message
Keith would rather just hit the phone number that is labeled -beautiful wife.(really)
Then when I pick up he likes to say, You called?
Now I don't know about you but that does not always bring to mind and heart all the previous things I left in the message. Life moves one and things get busy.
So what he usually gets is.....Oh, I was just calling to say I love you. (truthfully)
Why he does this........ I don't know.
Maybe he just is concerned and can't wait to find out if I am o.k.?
We all know that if there is a females we know how to hit redial
till someone picks up. ;)
So, maybe he just thinks hearing my voice in person
is better than listening to a prerecorded message? (the whole men are from mars women are from Venus I guess-in other words...I don't understand)
I don't know but sometimes it just gets to me.

Why can't he just listen to my messages? He would hear the emotion in my voice and it would thrill his heart the way I intended it to.
He would hear what I wanted him to hear and it would be a pleasant surprise.
And it might just lock away a little something special in his heart
to save for those dry times that do come. Yes, you know what I mean!

And then it hit me.....really it did.
(I almost had to pull over in the middle of the curvy section of the mountains
where all the 18 wheelers like to have accidents...just to write it down. But I didn't. Phew!)

In my mind I could just see Jesus sitting there in visible form shaking His head saying.....

(Sigh) I know, I have sooo been there.
It can be a tad frustrating.
Years ago Dad, the Holy Spirit and I decided that we would put all our thoughts for man down in living word. That way it would be available to all those we love. Knowing the things that each and everyone would go through we wrote down our thoughts of love and what they would need to hear from us when those dry occasions arose.
We captured the depth of our love and emotion in those words.
It was the perfect message for mankind.
But, we find is that very few spend time reading over all those messages we left them.
There are answers there that they could hide in their hearts and when the time comes and they need the answers- the Holy Spirit promised to remind them of what they had read.
So, times of testing come round....we promised that they would.....and how do they react?
They want a word! A new word...a fresh word.
Now don't get me wrong.....I love the tool the Father gave us with prayer.
He really does have some of the best ideas.
But, while it is a lifeline and a tool of was not
intended to be a tool of last resort.
Why do ya'll have to make this walk harder than it has to be?
If you would just pick up the BOOK and read the messages we wrote for you in would have all the answers you need.
Plus, as a would hear all the sweet nothings hidden in the words.
The passion behind them would overwhelm you.
And then if you still feel the need to discuss the directions that are know that I am here because we promised to never leave you or forsake you.
Got it? :)
Oh, and while we are on the subject of cell phones..........don't you just love how lessons from heaven are still hidden in everyday objects? :)
Modern day just got to love them.
Hope you enjoyed the parable .....time to open the book!


grey like snuffie said...

Oh God has such a way of communicating with us. By the way, my husband does the same thing on the cell phone. :)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...
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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Well, first, sorry the hubbie ruined the romance. If he only KNEW! Perhaps you should remind him. My husband does the same thing. And believe me, the romantic notions and echoes of love are rare from these lips. Maybe I need to work on that, then maybe he'd listen more.

Great parallel to God's messages to us. His Word is a treasure trove of love and promise and tender holding.

So precious to me are his thoughts. How vast are the sum of them?

Keep pressing in, friend. I know this is a busy time for you.


Halfmoon Girl said...

My hubby does the exact same thing. i will leave an awesome "good wife" message, but instead he phones back and gets to talk to "bad wife" who is at the time wrangling children, dogs, or laundry, sometimes all three!

BRILLIANT analogy. I will remember this one for sure. Great, great thoughts. I am learning that many of us find it hard to discipline ourselves to just be in the Word. It is simple, yet hard to do. Speaking of which, I was late today and missed my quiet time!

luvmy4sons said...

Great post! I have had the same thing happen with me with my hubby. I have before said...I am going to call again. Don't answer. I am gonig to leave you a message. Still it was kind of ruined...I like to think that he never wants to miss a call from me! And the way you related it to the Bible...awesome. God loves us so...and His love letter is right there for us to know Him more!

MelanieJoy said...

can't relate to the hubby thing...
but soooo guilty of the parable!

SunnySusan said...

Oh Sharon...I just loved this...and smacked me too....LOL

Wonderful ya

Anonymous said...

I read this last night and thought about it some more this morning. Thank you!

Sharon said...

I can not stop laughing because I felt I just wrote this, You know I think we woman have all done this a time or two. And yes these hubby's of ours sure have a way of spoiling that little romance we have provided them. But it's ok, cause when he calls me i tell him check your voice mail and you will know exactly why I called. I think he just likes hearing my voice. hahaha!!
And just so you know "I GOT IT".
Praise God, that he always hears us, and yes in his words are the messages we all need and long to hear.

Great,great share!

Have a blessed and beautiful day my sister in Christ
Oh yea I noticed under the comment you put I love you guys!!! well guessssss what I Love Ya Too!!

try2bAsunbeam said...

I read your post, went to comment, the phone rang and now I'm back--hours later! lol

I thought as I read it how that is SO much like my hubby! I've had the same thing happen--more than once!

I don't say anything to him about the message. I know he'll hear it when he checks his messages from the guys, or whatever, and then he'll listen to mine (probably not knowing it's from me-as I'm sure he'd forgetten I'd called by then) and I'll get the exact reaction I wanted, only not on my timing.

You think about it, maybe he'll listen to it right after a crummy call from his boss or whatever. So in His timing, He has him listen to your sweet words right at the moment he needs it most. Ya know, nobody is perfect and maybe your message may have caught him at a time when he wouldn't have appreciated it quite as much as you thought it should. Does that even make sense?

I know when my hubby has called me and left a sweet "calling to say 'hi'" type message, I save it and listen to it every time I check my voice mail-- for, just about, forever! (until I accidentally erase it!)

Sandi said...

Love this post. I started out thinking I know just what you mean hubby just calls back. Then by the end I'm thinking how must God grieve when we don't take the time.

Winging It said...

Great parable, Sharon! I was just talking this whole Word thing over with one of my brothers last night! And still thinking about it today...

I use texting just bc of that!

Still working on that project, be letting you know soon!


Deanna said...

wow! I love it! God's Word is so good ~ and His sweet silent whispers are so special!

you write so beautifully! You might think I am crazy, but recently I posted on my blog titled: Under A Starry Night, and I thought about you.
Not you as if the story related to you (it was about me- but in the 3rd person point of view, as I was blessed to hear a silent whisper a sweet truth to my heart.)what made me thingk of you?: I've just remembered that in the few times I've visited your blog how much I've admired the gift of writing you have.
As I wrote that post on my blog the hidden dream in the back of my heart (that always seems so silly to me)... came rolling out once again; the dream of writing a Fiction Christian novel! Maybe one day... we'll see, the Lord's will be done :O)

I say thanks to you! your writing is not only a blessing to so many, and touched with such truths that spread many seeds, but also an inspiration to me!

In Him, Deanna

Denise said...

so true and isn't it just like the Father God to take that little story and turn it around..............

fun to read..

Denise said...

Such a wonderful post.

MJ said...

Awesome! I love it!