Monday, January 19, 2009

A Little of this and that

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who prayed for safe journey today.
Keith didn't have to work because of the weather..and so he was able to act as my driver.
And since my GPS and map quest seemed to have a problem finding the address I was looking for.....I was oh so glad to have him along. Two are better than one.
Then as the snow became an element on the way home.......I made very sure Keith knew I was glad to have him along.
So I got to meet my girl...she is a sweetie and the foster Mom was great.
And I got to spend 6 hours alone with my husband.....not a bad day. :)

I wanted to share a little of what we have been learning in Sunday School.
We are learning that we all have certain beliefs that we know and hold as truth in our heads.
But, the problem for most of us is that although we know those truths--they have never made their way to that inner part of us that drives our thoughts and actions.

So we have eternity covered with our ticket to heaven.
And we begin to learn about Jesus by reading the Bible and storing away truths.
But how do we get these truths from our heads into our hearts and lives?

We all know that a person is made up of three parts. I am a spirit who has a soul(the seat of my emotions and who I am) and those are contained in this body.
When I become a Christian the Holy Spirit comes to live within me.
God sent His son, the Son came and died on the cross and now sits at the right hand of the Father(does the seated position give the idea of completed work?).......the Holy Spirit is here now to be my teacher, counselor and comforter.
It is His job to conform me into the image of the Father or you could say Jesus.
So would you not say that it is pretty important to have a strong relationship
with the Holy Spirit?
If He is the one who is going to transform I trust Him?
Can I trust Him if I don't know Him?
So could we say that the most important relationship we will ever
have here on earth will be with the Holy Spirit?

So how would you rate the depth of this relationship?
A. Very Deep
B. Deep
C. Casual
D. Shallow
C. Non-existent

To be honest.......I don't know that I could say B and of course I would love one day to be able to say A. But if my life is going to be truly change from the inside out......I am going to have to allow the Spirit to change my spirit, soul and body.
What is found deep within will make its way to the surface.

So, tell me how you are going about developing a relationship with the Spirit.
Do you know how?
Is He as real in your life as you would like Him to be?
And yes I would love to hear your answers.

Thanks for letting me ramble.......I am looking forward to what comes out in the rest of this class.
Have I told you that I love our Sunday school teacher?
She loves to hit the nail on the head!


luvmy4sons said...

What a blessing that hubby could drive you. I would say I too would answer deep...hoping to say very deep at some point. Funny...I would say more good friend...but not a lover yet!

grey like snuffie said...

For some reason for the longest time I didn't think much about the Holy Spirit. Now I remember that I can talk to the Holy Spirit and HOW AMAZING THAT IS----the Holy Spirit was promised to bring back to remembrance things the disciples had been told. I REALLY like the thought that the Holy Spirit can do the same for me....remembrance. Somethings go from head knowledge to the spirit faster than other things. It is a journey isn't it. I know we all need more "deep". So cool that you got a day with your husband.

SunnySusan said...

Great post....and when did I miss the court stuff??? too much homeschooling lately I guess....blessings on your week...

Denise said...

So happy that Keith could drive you sweetie. My answer would also be B. Good post sis, love you.

MelanieJoy said...

I'm glad you guys made it home safe and that your meeting was good.
I'm not sure I want to answer this one "out loud" but I will. He is nowhere near real enough in my life right now. Not in the sense of relationship. I think you know me well enough now to know that. I'm in a really neat growing place right now. So I guess I'm at C. But I'm longing for the deeper things WITH Him and in Him.

Deanna said...

wow, what a great question!

For me something happened in my life about six months ago that drastically changed me in how I "live" for Jesus!

This statement sums it up best for me... (and boy, did I have to learn it the hard way, lol!)

It is relationship, Not religion He wants from us.

I could list a ton of other things that I walked away with from this deep low in my life, but I think my heart needed to learn to drop the leagalism/religon/self-righteousness and to just be in relationship with Jesus while I worship Him spirit and truth. And I needed to learn that it is important for me to Love Him because He is GOD, not only just for all the good that He is in my life!

I can't say that I am an "A" or even a "B". But I will strive to do my best to let His light shine through me, as I hunger to draw close to Him more and more each day :O)

Love in Him, Deanna

Halfmoon Girl said...

sounds like a great class- she is making you think, and you in turn have given us something to chew on!

Sharon said...

Very good, what a great share!!
Yes if some people would just understand this is a relationship not religion, its about LOVE NOT fear... He just wants us all to Love one another as he loves us.. So simple, don't you think!
I will ponder this for the day, it's realllllly good.
Have a blessed day'
Give us somemore--this is good!! :)

D said...

I absolutely love hubby time! Glad you got some and SIX hours! Whoa! Sounds like you're enjoying your new church! Isn't it exciting to grow in the Lord? D

melanie said...

6 hours alone with your husband? Wow!! I haven't had that in over 2 years. Sure sounds nice though.

To answer your question honestly- I'd have to say C. It's sad and I need to work on it a lot.

melanie said...

6 hours alone with your husband? Wow!! I haven't had that in over 2 years. Sure sounds nice though.

To answer your question honestly- I'd have to say C. It's sad and I need to work on it a lot.

Winging It said...

Wow! You know, not only is this a blessing of a post, but, I love all the transparency of your wonderful commentors!

As soon as I read it, I knew something, that I hadn't thought of before. So, I know God is speaking to me, showing me a thing or two thru your blog!

You know how many times people have a Saviour, but, he is not the Lord of their life, YET...?

Well, in that same distant way, I have loved the Holy Spirit, revered the gift from God to us that He is, rejoiced in, and been led by, but have not really known how to cultivate relationship with Him. So, I guess that makes me C.

I think I will be letting the Lord teach me some more about this...I would love to hear more from you on this class!

I am really glad you got great hubby time...

Cheers that you have a great church and Sunday School teacher.