Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How wide is your area of influence?

I don't know about you....but I have been watching this week with Oprah in order to see what is going on in her thoughts. I continue to pray for her and her great position of authority as she is leading the many women who watch her program.
She has the opportunity to influence so many lives.
As she began to drift in her thinking at first I just decided to stop watching her.
But her battle with her weight is something that draws many who have the same problem.
So this week I found myself tuning in as she was very public about the fact that riches and fame have not brought joy to her life. I pray this means our prayers for her are working.
As long as she can not find peace and contentment.....she will keep searching!

She has chosen to believe that her weight gain is because she has not loved herself like she loves others. And while this could be true......we know that there is only one Person who can help her love herself.
She continues to look to "spiritual advisers" for truth. And just to let you know......of the three individuals on her program yesterday....I know that at least two do not believe that Jesus is the only way to God and eternal life. DANGER!!! The message they is mixed with lies.
The problem.......they don't know the one who can set them free. And if they feel they are free it is because their eyes have been blinded.
So how will Oprah gain the freedom from her battle?
She must return to the TRUTH. I can't help but remember the scripture that says, Bring up a child in the way they should go and in the end they will not depart from it.
I understand she was raised with the truth. Imagine how much influence she would have for the glory of God if she returns to the truth?
Imagine her sorrow when she realizes how many she lead astray?

I know the truth and yet, even as a believer in the one who set me free.......I still battle with loving the one He created enough not to damage this masterpiece He is creating.
I don't love this body, soul and spirit like I should. Many times I concentrate more on the spirit and body than I do the
I don't see or KNOW her "worthiness".
How sad because it was a gift that was given freely at the cross.

How can I really share the freedom and love I have been given if I am not walking in it?
So that is what I am working on now.
My prayer is that I really begin to see who I am through His eyes.
I do believe this is an important part of being able to get past "me"- so that I can see others.
Does anyone else understand the crazy battle that takes place when you are trying to see others as more important than yourself.....and yet still see yourself as something important in His eyes? Talk about pulling your hair out!
Don't think of yourself..........but think about yourself as the walking temple of God........(grrrrr).

How many times have I walked into a room and the major thought in my mind has been how my body and I measure up? Often.
But, I do notice that when I am walking close to Him......the battle is not so great and I just want to touch them with His love. I want them to know how important they are.
No matter what my body looks like......I need to be able to see them. See them as important enough in the scope of eternity that I share the good news....even if it is just to let them know they are important, loved and accepted.
The great battle against self will rage till the day I die I guess.

But even while I am walking through this learning process I want to be letting Him touch the lives around me. I can not hope to achieve perfection and then go out into those fields white ready to be harvested.
And I do believe I am doing this in a way now. It has been years since I was really out in the world. And now that I am......I don't want to miss an opportunity to share Him."home bound" can touch the world by prayer.
Pray for those in the public eye.
I have prayed often this week for the Travolta family. Prayed that through these events they would begin to think about the "truth" of what they believe.
At this point they believe that the spirit of their son will return to this earth in another body.
Dear God remove the veil from their eyes!
So ladies, PRAY! You won't know till eternity how many lives you helped.

I was over visiting Julie, at Mirror of Grace and she posted the following video.
Please take a moment to watch hit my heart hard.
When you finish watching it......walk out the burden God gives you. It is your gift from Him.


luvmy4sons said...

Wow Sharon. So much here...whew! Powerful video. I actually cried as I watched it and prayed for him...and thanked God for the man who gave him the Book. Wow! And I liked in your post this part especially:

"Does anyone else understand the crazy battle that takes place when you are trying to see others as more important than yourself.....and yet still see yourself as something important in His eyes? Talk about pulling your hair out!
Don't think of yourself..........but think about yourself as the walking temple of God........(grrrrr)."

I SO SO understand that. And God has been doing a work helping me to see that anything I do have that is good is from Him and nothing for which to boast...yet becaue He made me and lives IN me I too should not debase myself and think poorly of myself rather see myself as His temple...Him living in and through and out of me...and that would make me see others as more important than me because of how much He loves others...without thinking poorly of myself because He lives in me! Whew! Good food for thought today. Thanks sister!

Denise said...

In HIM we live and move and have our being. Paul taught us that we are dead but alive in Christ. Consider yourself dead he tells us..... Now live in Christ......... OMG.... It is that day to day thing. The Holy Spirit drawing us from the thoughts of the world and how we think and act and into the body of the Christ that has conquered the world. There is no peace outside of Christ. We have all searched for it with passion and purpose and we have all failed...... This is the rest that HE has promised us to cease from our labor and live in HIM........ Oh so hard to get our soul and our body to line up with where our spirit man already lives...........

In HIM today girl, IN HIM!


SunnySusan said...

Whoa...girl...I don't think I could ever talk to an atheist...

Yes I did watch Oprah on the first day with the weight loss...good stuff there and the next day with Dr Oz...I like him...but did not do the "spiritual" day because I usually find myself yelling at the

Now about loving myself....He died for me...a sinner...must be something in here He loves....I do have a habit of putting others in front of me....but I think there is a happy medium here...funny my hubs and I were just talking about this last night....if I don't care and take care of myself, then who will take care of my hubs and Amy...but to think I need "my time" instead of ministring to way...I hope I am making sense "me" time is usually spent with the fill me up...yes, I have time like right now Amy is at school for the day and Paul is working...well, I could just do what I want today...and somedays I do just that, but today I have to need to clean up my bedroom.....ok I just wrote a book....praying for you always my ya

Denise said...

We definitely all need to pray without ceasing.

Julie said...

I so understand this battle. I think we all battle this. I think we have to depend on being in the Word to get a clear picture of who we are. I do pray for Oprah. Can you imagine if she would just yeild to God the influence she could have??


MJ said...

I watched Oprah yesterday too. Hmmm....I was not sure what to think! ha! I hope she opens her eyes.

Sherri Watt said...

Oh, I have fought this battle over and over. I am still fighting it. I believe we make headway a little at a time. Not to long ago, God took me through just the process you are asking for. To see myself as He see me. It's a powerful journey, each step go deeper and fall more in love with Him!

God Bless!

MJ said...

Hi Sharon...I am still plugging away...actually started over on the book...AGAIN. It is a lot to process and I want to let it all soak in. Exercise is going much better. Thanks for always stopping by.

try2bAsunbeam said...

I haven't watched Oprah in a very long time. I am going to ponder your post. I feel I am right there with you, but I don't know what to say about it beyond that.
The video was very interesting. I've heard people say something similar to the truck hitting you idea. I've heard salvation through Christ along being spoken of as a person in a room that was on fire. You are on the other side of the door and the only way out was with the key that you had. All you have to do is slide it under the door to them and then they can choose to use it to open the door or to stay in the room and die. And just think , if every person was relying on you to give them the key and you chose not to. I know you've heard me say it before, that I picture each person I run across as a person who is without the knowledge of salvation. And I think, what if I don't tell them? What will happen to them? Shame on me if I don't speak up. The Bible says that their blood is on my hands. And if I truly believe what I say I believe, why wouldn't I speak up?

Shirley said...

Great post, Sharon. God bless you for sharing that. You made me think. My heart hurts so much because I am not what I should be. I have hinderences in my life that keep me from being what I know God wants me to be. I feel so little in God's family. I want more. These posts I've read lately are so good for me. God bless you and keep me in your prayers.

Halfmoon Girl said...

wow. the video hit me hard too. I think I will link up with you or post it as well, as more people need to be reminded of this. I need to be more faithful in this, but I do pray for Oprah- wouldn't it be amazing to see how she would work for the Lord with her influence, if she knew the TRUTH?!