Friday, January 30, 2009

The Dream

What lengths Lord will you go to reveal Yourself to us?
Will You usher us straight into the temple of Your glory....or will there be a price to pay as in the day of Isaiah?

If You had told me that this would be the price paid- would I have still said,
Yes, Lord I want to know You........?
Or would I have hesitated and stepped back from the vision that passes before my eyes?


Standing near the mouth of the cave I look up to see His face.
The sky is dark and light of the moon or stars from above
In the wave of the storm I begin to see pictures take place like images seen in the summer clouds
Stepping closer to the opening my eyes focus for a split second on the face of a boy now a man
A troubled boy lost in a world of storm
And quick as the vision was gone
Gone to allow the faces of those claiming to be part of the family to circle in closer
Their lingering face taunting and bitter
Oh the ache in my heart an ache that spreads like embers
eating away at the edges of paper old and dry
And then in the rushing of the wind they are gone
their glaring eyes lost in the midnight darkness

And then like a mist comes hope...thin and wispy hardly visible
Freeing itself from the chaos it wraps itself around my head creating a covering for one to like one tucking one safely in to bed
Reaching up my fingers try to lovingly grasp the hope for my future

But the tighter I grasp the tighter it wound its elusive dream and to its death I was bound
And before I knew it its feet no longer touched the ground
It had become one more figure swirling round
Lost in a storm created by the god of the air
I seemed to become one more twisted mind lost in despairing hope
Oh the anguish that ruled my heart
flipping and turning till I could scarce remember its start
All entwined in events from the past
you see I'd become a part of what had tried to destroy me

In one clearing moment a thought came to me....
Remember the name above all will set you free

From a hear awash with tears
ripped apart by pain
a small voice was heard in the storm that day

A voice of a child lost in the midnight storm
reaching out in last hope
for the only one who could set her free

"Daddy are You there? Do You see me?
Have You forgotten me?
Can You just hold me?"

Into the storm the Calmer of winds did reach
and in one brief second enveloped her in sweet peace

She found herself kneeling beside a creek enveloped by a love that could not be seen
Looking up into the sky she realized that it was bright and clear blue
Her heart wept in the grasp of the only One who could stand true
He loved her true
how could she ever doubt that His actions were for anything but to bring
His glory out

In that moment she held out the wounds of old hurts buried so deep
they were never meant to be found....better thought forgotten covered by the blood so deep

Hands wiping away her tears He hands rose and He touched her mind....

Remember when you said you wanted to see my face.... When you said you wanted to understand my redeeming grace?
The things you asked for deeply touched my didn't know it would be your journeys start. For in scripture I said No one could see my face and live. The one who would see my face must die.
In order for Me to allow you a vision in part of me....meant your death.
A death that would be a journey. A journey of pain and hardship
A path that would remove from you all that this world of death had given you.
Each time in death you let go of the presence of this world...I opened your eyes a little more.
The scales are removed and you are allowed to see me.
Looking back on the past year you see the motive of the still wanting to have their hold.
You asked to see my face....I had to purify your heart to do that. I know even now you don't see me clearly, but each time you allow me to bring death to what belongs to this world....... your spiritual eyes will see Me as I AM.
Can you give up the things of this earth on your own? No. No more than you could lay down and put a knife through your own heart.
It will be a journey.......a journey that you and I will take together.
A journey of a life time.
And in the end.............. you and I will know and be known.

I found this in a notebook that I had been writing in around December.
I don't think I posted it......if so, sorry.
I was looking for a notebook to write down some notes on the Spirit.
This was the last thing written. For some reason it just really spoke to me today and so I thought I would put it here for you to read. Many times this is how God speaks to me.
These "movies" in my head are easily forgotten if I don't write them down.

We all have our storms. One ends and another begins. Hopefully each storm brings new knowledge of who He is.....a better glimpse of His face.
He is the only one who can calm the physical and emotional storms.

A couple of years ago a friend of mine had a dream during the night. In that dream she said that she was terrified because satan was rounding up Christians and locking them away in a cave. Huge crowds were being locked away.
Not praying for understanding first.... I gathered that she must have been dreaming about her husband who was dealing with deep depression.
Now I see this dream just a little different. Imagine if Elijah had not come out of the cave and witnessed the storm? Imagine if he had seen the storm and remained locked in the cave too afraid to journey through its duration?
I am afraid that this is what satan is doing to the body. He is ushering us into a dark cave...telling us that it is a safe place to ride out the storm. A storm that we must witness if we are to see the face of God and hear His voice.

If you feel fear in your heart.....step to the mouth of the cave and look up.
Do not be frightened by the things you see.........He controls the storm.
And when this world has finished having its say........
And all will be well with your soul.


Denise said...

Amen, amen.

melanie said...

What a poweful post!! I know I feel fear quite often and I tell myself it's Satan. I know he puts crazy ideas in my head and makes me feel so scared all of the time.

Sharon said...

I ask him everyday to speak to my soul. This is absolutely beautiful, what a great share.
Wow Look at that snow picture you took, first off you look so cute,
2ndly you look sooooo cold, Your toes must be cold....
I pray that you stay warm sister.
Hugggss & Love
I will be staying home and having a relaxed weekend, the traffic from the superbowl is horrible here!

luvmy4sons said...

Beautiful sister. one day understand how the travails were part of His grand plan. To remember in the moments to look up! Good stuff! I liken it at times to some of the things we have to put our children through. They don't understand having a cold cloth applied to their backside to wipe off the dirties...they cry and wail..but we know we are making them clean. I often wonder if God is just getting the "poop off" too in our lives as He lets our trials purify us. But for the glory set before Him He undured the cross and despised the shame...we too are called to partake in Christ's sufferings to one day sit down with Him in paradise. I loved this post. Beautiful!

grey like snuffie said...

AMEN...I love how God directs my steps to people who put my thoughts, His Words to paper for me.

Mary said...


What an inspiration you are to me and this is so beautifull written. You are a talented lady and you should be writing for the Christian market.

Thank you so much for all your love and support on the passing of Meeko. It was very difficult last night when I went to bed, as Meeko always follows me into the bedroom and lies at the foot of the bed. You were probably awakened when I was trying to fall asleep and was missing him. I felt safe with him there, yet know that the Lord is my protector. I finally fell asleep and slept right through until morning, something I don't always do. Thank you for the prays.

Love you, Sis! Thank you for your loving support during this difficult time.


Anonymous said...

Hey my dear friend, I have been catching up, wow this is deep and I love it!! I am looking up out of my cave. . .AMEN!! You have a Blessed weekend:)