Monday, December 29, 2008

A sister in waiting

Her heart was so timid.
She stood just outside the open doorway with her hands resting lightly on either doorpost.
Peering in she felt almost like she was eavesdropping on another's secret conversation.
Her heart beat forcefully in her was too loud to hide its nervous burst.
Finally she eased one foot over the thresh hold.
Much to her relief no one came rushing at her to push her out.
There on the couch sat the owner of the house.
She sat there quietly.....hands tightly folded in her lap.
With a weak, but hopefully heart felt smile she ventured over to join her new friend.
Sitting at a safe distance she too placed folded hands in her lap.

How do you start a conversation that will open one heart to another?
How do you begin from the beginning without stepping away from the present?
Folded hands represented wounded protected hearts.
What both so desperately needed and wanted would not come with a few polite spoken words.

This is how the sisters met.
Both from the same family......both bruised by members that refused to follow the guidelines.
For so long they had refused to reach out for fear that their wounded hearts would betray them.
Knowing what was right did not always make it's way into proper words.
It did not always allow one to open the door of privacy that would allow for true intimacy.
The choice was given freely by the Father.
Through the twists and turns of life He had been bringing them together.
Together they would learn once again to love and trust......only if their hearts believed.

Only if their hearts believed that they could safely open the door.
A door that would give entry into who they really were.
Could they trust again?
Could they believe that it would be impossible to go further without a sister?
A sister who knew them inside and out.
A sister who would be willing to love.
A sister who would be willing to put her finger on the pain and wrap her arms around the agony.
A sister who would be willing to tell her that she sees the dirt.....and it must go.
One who loves unconditionally.
Would they this new year.......... BELIEVE?

I'll finish this tomorrow.


Holly said...

Can't wait!

Denise said...

Cannot wait until tomorrow.

Janera said...

oh, yes, I want you to finish this story!

Michele Williams said...

I'm s little kid... I want you to finish now! lol... Can't wait...

grey like snuffie said...

As I read these words I was drawn back in time to small group ministry with young mom's. hmmm, so many possibilities of the finish.

luvmy4sons said...

So beautiful...I want more details~! LOL!

Deanna said...

tomorrow????? I'll be back :O)

MJ said...

???What!! I have no patience! :)

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Ok.....cliff hanger!! =) Can't wait to read the rest!