Thursday, December 4, 2008

On off, On off

It is that time of year.....the time when you pull out decorations that have been tenderly tucked away for a whole year. This was last year.....we had plenty of room for a big tree. It really was beautiful. This year those decorations will have to hang out in storage as they would look a tad out of place on the little tree that fits our space. If you are like me there are special memories associated with many of the things that you pull out. There are stockings that have been around for years- they remind me of the
"stockings"(really my Grand-dads socks) that were put out each Christmas morning by my Mom and Grandmother.
Hmmm, maybe we should do a post on favorite Christmas memories....that would be one of mine. And Mom, if you are reading this....just because I have moved away does not mean that you should not do stockings this year. :)
As far as I am concerned....they are one of my favorite things.
Move over Oprah I have my own favorite list.
Boy was that a rabbit trail.....sorry, getting back on tract here.
So Julia and I were putting up a few decorations in our camper and she brought up something good that touched my heart. She has some of her Father in her.
We had finished putting all the ornaments on our pre-lit tree when I picked up that extra little bag of lights they give you and decided to ask Julia if she wanted the lights to blink on and off.
I knew she would since it seems to give a more festive feeling to the room. Being the good mom that I am..... I told her to replace the top bulb with the little bulb with the red tip--------after she unplugged the tree.
She did a great job...but still the tree would not blink. (Just for you I hung a little blanket up so you wouldn't have to see Keiths storage area behind the tree :)
Back to the story.
Thinking that something was broken I went over to check out what was going on. And to my relief there was nothing wrong besides a hidden bulb at the end of the string....and it did not have a red tip. I pointed out that she had missed a bulb and told her that unless she got the last one changed out the others would not be able to follow the blinking.
Right away, in her face, I saw the light bulb come on.
Oh, she said, that is just like in my class.
When one kid starts acting out the rest start doing the same thing.
That's my girl! ;) \o/

Of course I had to add a few thoughts here to the positive side.
We talked about how a person who loves God could also influence others actions to the positive.
It was a sweet conversation that I tried not to turn into a a full blown sermon. :)
But I could has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to sermonize. :)

And now our little home is all decorated.
We have a tree and the cranberry garland and stockings have been hung. If you are in our neck of the woods we are also the camper with the big red bow on the door and the snowflake lights hanging on the awning. Never thought I would become an outside Christmas light person...but Julia and I think they look cute. A nice addition to the campground.
And soon we will start some baking for those around us.
Many of the people are here because they have nowhere else to go.
It is a great opportunity for us to reach out with love in His name.
And if this is not toooooooo much of a stretch......
because He chose to be that lead bulb and love first....
now we follow His example.
How about this? Let's get caught playing follow the leader.Let's let our lights shine so that others will follow. ;)


luvmy4sons said...

Your post just makes me want to give you both a great big hug! What a pleasant story to read. Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

RYC: You just saved yourself about an hour worth of wasted time. I was dooped. Lesson learned. Computers! grrrrr (as you and D would say) Oh well, at least they are refunding our money.

Well, we have to get busy decorating here. This is the latest I've decorated. Looking forward to my daughter being flu-free. :)

pam said...

This was such a wonderful post. I'm sure you LONG for a house no longer connected to living in a trailer park. But I bet you have a much better perspective on life than most of us. God placed you there and you seem to have made the best of it all. I haven't been peeking into your world very long, but you seem to choose a positive view of life, of hope. Gotta love those teachable moments.

Sandi said...

beautiful tree.
so true about one following others.

Anonymous said...

RYC: I'll pass on your Get Well to my daughter. Please do the same to your daughter for me. Thanks!

Nise' said...

Those light bulb moments when we have an opportunity to speak truth to our kids stick with them! Got my tree up and the lights on, need to work at putting ornaments on it!

Mary said...


What a wonderful post. I love your little fir tree and it wouldn't matter if the storage area showed or not. The blanket does give it a nice touch.

I'm glad that you and your daughter were able to talk about God and how He influences us to bring positive thoughts and actions to other people. It is very true that one person's words or actions can set off a chain reaction like the bulbs with the little red tips. We need to remember that as we go about our daily lives.

I'm so glad you put some snowflake lights out on the awning. It will bring brightness and cheer into the lives of those around you, just as your light shines on this blog.

Once again girlfriend, you have provided a lesson here. You are a born teacher.

Let's play a game. I'm going to take up your challenge to bake some Christmas goodies for someone who might otherwise not get any. Thanks for being a leader in His name.


MelanieJoy said...

Love the decorations and the outside lights sound so cheery. I love hearing the things your Julia is coming up with. She doesn't know it but she's teaching me things to stop and watch out for. I pulled a name of the Salvation Army's Christmas tree in the mall. I'll tell ya about it a bit later on.
Love ya Girl

MJ said...

I LOVE you litte tree ~ I bought my granddaughter one just like it. We decorated hers in pink. :)

Denise said...

Jesus is the reason and you bring Jesus into the lives of those you touch.......... Little becomes much when handed to the Master........ Your little light shine big where you live !

Denise said...

You are such a sweet gift to the world, I love you.

Anonymous said...

Your big tree was superb, but the little one looks so good, and so cute too!
I really believe that you, Keith and Julia are being lights to all around you where you are at the moment. Keep that light shining!