Sunday, December 14, 2008

All on a saturday

She had thought it over for a long time. Why did she want to do it? And what would she get?
These had been questions in her mind for a few years now.
At first she could I? And, what in the world would people think?
And to be strictly honest she had felt a little glee at giving those who had put her in a box.....just. a. little. shock. Who said that she couldn't?
And didn't Jesus say that he looked at the motives of our heart?
And so the day came when she pulled up to the front of the shop. She could feel her heart hammering in her chest. What type of people would they be?
Would they tell her that she had evidently come into the wrong shop?
Unashamed she turned off the engine and got out......she would just look.
Throwing her purse over her shoulder she looked around and marched on in...... hearing the bell jingle on the door as it closed behind her.
From across the counter she saw a worker
who she could tell thought that she had stumbled into the wrong shop.
"Can I help you?", he asked over his shoulder as he continued to play his computer game.
"Yes, I would like to look through what you have available." she said quietly.
He pointed to the wall, but when she said what she was looking for he told her she would have to find one on the Internet because he didn't have any.
She sat down in the wobbly chair and quickly found what she was looking for.
She had looked for them before.....she knew just what she wanted.
He thought it was cool and asked her if she wanted to wait or come back later.
Taking a deep breath she said that she would wait since she didn't have anything else to do.

Sitting there looking around she felt more than a tad out of place. There was art everywhere.....very bizarre "art". She was totally out of her element. Before the guy sat down at his desk to work he went in to turn on the music....she just had to smile
as it was not quite her style.
She hoped that they would sense her light even in this obviously dark area.
Trying to keep her mind off anything but right now, she crossed her legs and wrapped her arms around herself. It would be o.k. and it wouldn't last forever.
Looking up from his desk and over his shoulder Mario,
asked why she had chosen what she had chosen. Taking a deep breath she wondered if she should just say, because I liked it. Or if she should just bite the bullet and give the full story.
Afraid not to tell the truth she said, "Well, the explanation is a little long but I would love to tell you". And so she began to tell the story she had read several years before.

Well, you see there was this woman who had cancer. Finally her cancer got so bad that she was bedridden. She became depressed and lonely as she spent each day wracked with pain. Finally she decided to ask God if He had forgotten about her. Did He know how bad she hurt and was he even there with her during this time. She dozed off dreading the next day that was sure to come. The next morning when she woke she realized that there was a beautiful red bird sitting in her window.....she was not alone. She loved watching it walk back and forth. It took her mind off the pain and she did not feel as lonely. After the second day spent watching the bird she realized something was going on. She remembered her prayer and realized God had sent her a sign that He was near and watching.
The bird became a sign of God's love that she shared with all who visited.

Soon she went home to be with the Lord and her only daughter was heart broken. Not only had her mother died but she felt as if she had been abandoned. All alone one day she decided to go for a ride out in the country. Riding along she thought about her Mom and how happy she must be in the presence of the Lord. And yet she felt the tears streaming down her face and she wondered if God had forgotten about her. She was so lonely and she wondered how she would make it through this time all on her own. Crying so hard she could not drive she pulled off the road onto the side of a field. Reaching up to wipe the tears away she took a deep breath and looked over to the field. As her eyes cleared she saw the most beautiful sight. Rising from the field were a dozen of the most beautiful red birds she had ever seen.
And she knew that God was reminding her that he was there and that He loved her.

She had gotten so into the heart of the story that she was almost embarrassed at the silence that followed. She couldn't believe that she had shared that with a perfect stranger. And from the surroundings she was pretty sure that a relationship with God was not his top priority.

"So, that is why I want a red bird", she said.
"That is a pretty cool story", he replied. "Now I understand why you like the red bird. I have just never had a person ask for one before".
They now sat in comfortable silence while he finished his work. He hopefully thinking......and she praying for him while he was thinking.
They later talked of this and that. He of his family and children and how he had moved to this area after Katrina had hit the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.
She should have known the next question was was such a set up by God.
"So, why did ya'll decide to move to our area?"
She just smiled and began once again to tell him about the miraculous hand of God as He had guided them to these mountains from an area not far from the state he had left. And then she of course talked about how God had taken care of them since they had arrived.
They then chatted about food and the seafood and poboys they missed.
She promised that she would be back with some coffee with Chicory and a mix of Beignet mix.

And so went her day......full of time spent sharing her God while getting a tattoo.
Was she afraid to post this because of what some will think?
You had better believe it.
But He knows her heart......and I think you know it too.
When she was getting ready to leave another guy who worked there came in.
Do you know what he asked her?
He asked, "So why did you pick a red bird"?
She turned and looked at Mario and just smiled.
Then she turned to the this big ole stranger and said, Well, it's a long story........
And from behind her her friend Mario said, "Yes, but it is really worth hearing".

And so she left with a shoulder that hurt but with a heart that was praising her God.
Who knew a red bird could be such a witnessing tool? Not many will be seeing it since it is usually hidden under her shirt on her shoulder....but if it ever comes up in conversation ........She will be as bold as a lion
and as gentle as bird. ;)
A bonus?
Her husband really liked it.


Denise said...

Sis, you totally bless me. I love you.

melanie said...

Wait.... so you're the one who got the tattoo? I am surprised! And what a cute way to tell us!!

(btw, I REALLY appreciated your email. I do intead to write back to you, I just haven't had the time yet.)

luvmy4sons said...

Oh sister...what a precious story...just wanna give you a hug!

try2bAsunbeam said...

You never cease to amaze me! I guess I am one of those who don't know what to think. I don't think it's bad...I just am very surprised! Love ya still!

and as a bonus, I got to hear the story about the red bird!



MelanieJoy said...

Go Girl!

Shelley said...

Great story! Hope it's not still sore. :)

Isn't it amazing all the different ways, times and places that God gives us to witness to others?

D said...

You amaze me!!! How brave too! Love ya girl! ((( hugs ))) D

MJ said...

That is awesome! Thanks for stopping by...I appreciate it!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Wahoo- maybe I will see that tattoo in RL one day! That is a unique witnessing tool. I love the way you told it, but am a bit confused too, as I thought your mom was well and alive???

Deanna said...

I was just random surfing the Christian Women and bloggers site, and landed here!

What a beautiful story. I began to realize as I kept reading that perhaps this was 'you' who you were speaking of! You are a gifted story teller, and what an awesome testimony your tattoo is and will continue to be :O)

I was blessed by your blog today. Merry Christmas

Mimi's Toes said...

This was so beautiful and touching. By the way, thanks for your prayers...they are working!!! Our God is an awesome God...I just adore you and cherish our blogship.

SunnySusan said...

Awesome post..halfway thru I knew it was you......very cool, you.....just too cool

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I deleted that previous comment.

Are you serious? A tattoo? You? Really? Does this mean you'll let your dd get one if she asks for it? Just curious.

So you're serious! You actually got a tattoo on your shoulder. Well, I have only one word for you and that is Y E O W C H!!!!