Monday, October 13, 2008

A Southern Wedding & and a prayer request.

Well I am finally back home. It was a short trip back to La.-but I got to spend time with friends and family so it was nice. We got home tonight and since I can't watch Heroes because the channel is not working I thought I would pop on and say Hi!..... and catch up.
So we got home Friday and Julia and I sat around because Mom and Dad had business plans and Keith went to the woods. But it was good to be back home and I did get to see a friend because she dropped by.
Then Saturday we got up and headed for the wedding. I think the name of the place was Twelve Oak Plantation...but I am not sure. It is not a real plantation which is good since the historic value would have been destroyed during Katrina. It was actually located not far from where I grew up. Michael went with us and so I took the chance to get a shot of all of us. My camera was acting up so this is the only one that Linda got.

Here is a view of the front of the "plantation". It really was a beautiful setting to have a wedding and the temp was not too hot....that was a real blessing. As I mentioned earlier my niece is in her mid thirties and has been very involved in her career. She works for The Louisiana Game and Fish......I guess you would say it is a government agency. And she has also started a non profit organization that allows children who have never had a chance to fish...that chance.
So as you can see she is very involved in the world of fishing. Now the man that she married is also real involved in the same world. He is a boat captain and has a few boats where they take people out for fishing trips. He also has his own fishing show.
They are a great match don't you think?
And so it was only fitting that the flower girls carried creels decorated with fall flowers and the ring bearers carried fishing poles with the rings tied to the end of the line.
It was really sweet. My niece is a beautiful girl but she has never been a girly although the wedding was had touches of her personality mixed in.

This next touch was a surprise to all of us.......including the groom.
My niece had a boat brought in to bring her around the plantation to the aisle. It was sweet to look over and see the groom wiping tears from his eyes.
They are very much in love.
She is ridding with her Dad who gave her away.

They had to bring in a staircase to get her out of the boat..but it was beautifully decorated.
Michael kept joking saying, You know you are at a redneck wedding if the bride arrives in a boat. It was really a beautiful sentimental thing for her to do for her soon to be husband.

Here is another sweet touch. This is their cake topper. The bride has a fishing pole that has caught the pants of the groom and she is reeling him in.

There was all kind of traditional food--- Seafood gumbo, shrimp creole, crab served in filo dough, fried shrimp, oysters, and catfish. There were also all kinds of other things and sweets. I was amazed at the variety of food being served. The food was great and the staff did a great job.
There were probably 5 rooms all elegantly decorated....plenty of room for everyone.

Linda was there along with her hubby Tim...who performed the ceremony. It was short and sweet.....pretty good for a pastor. You will remember that Linda is my former pastors wife.
And I snagged a picture with is hard to get serious pictures with him...not that I like having my picture taken either.
This was one of the last events in the is a traditional thing to see in New Orleans.
I want to say the song was the Mardi Gras sure...but it is traditional to bring out the umbrellas and give one to the ones at the head of the line. And they make there way around the room with others following waving handkerchiefs. Was I involved in this.......uh...NO. A little out there for me. But everyone had fun.....and it was great to have all the family together again.
We will resume normal broadcasting once the suitcases are put away and laundry is done.

Oh, one MAJOR prayer request.
On the way home tonight we got a call from the man who has been storing our house for us for almost two years. A real blessing....can you even imagine how much that would have cost us? But he has finally found someone to buy the house where our things are and would like us to have our things out in a few weeks. Just a little problem.....we don't have a house yet to move it into.
So if it is according to God's plan we need a job for Keith and a house to move into.....SOON.
I am not sure what incredible thing God is up to....but He has provided in a major way so far.
So this is a call out to step the prayers up just a bit.
I can't wait to see what great things God has in store for us.
Thanks for your prayers.


Denise said...

Welcome home sweet sis, I enjoyed the pictures. You and Keith make such a great looking couple. I am increasing my prayers for your situation. I love you.

MelanieJoy said...

Hey Girl! It's good to hear from you tonight before going to bed. What a beautiful wedding! Your niece was glowing. Loved the family photo! That's a good one to enlarge and hang on the walls of that new house that's coming! I'll keep praying!! That's sounds exciting...I pray His timing is so near! Love ya!

Halfmoon Girl said...

What a great wedding. The cake topper made me smile! Will be praying for your situation!

Holly said...

Anticipating what He is bringing!! I love when He sends word ahead this way--He is at work, friend!

By the way, you look so very lovely in these pictures. Beautiful, friend!

SunnySusan said...

My prayers are with you my sister...and the pics were wonderful...beautiful bride...I see the family resemblence...

luvmy4sons said...

Wow. What a gorgeous wedding. Truly beautiful. Praying for the whole things no house situation. I know God will take care of you.

try2bAsunbeam said...

Very pretty wedding.
Be anxious for nothing! I trust He will give you just what you need right when you need it!



Denise said...

Beautiful wedding........ and I know it was wonderful for you to be with family if only for a short time.

As for the prayer request...... I will pray..... God does HIS best work when we feel that time is running out............ HE is never late and HE honors faith such as yours.

In Christ

Alisun said...

What a blessed weekend for you and your family. I like the boat it was great to see you do not get much of that up here.
I will be praying for God to reveal his plan for you.

Denise said...

Come by my blog, have an award for you sis.

Mary said...


What beautiful photos of your family, the wedding and the plantation. I love the wedding theme. How unique. The cake topper is delightful and the bride arriving in the boat to walk down the aisle is a nice touch.

I continue to pray for you, my friend. Remember, God has it all under control. You will be just fine.

BTW, I love the photos of your and Keith. What a lovely couple. Thanks to both of you for posing for the camera. One day I hope to meet you in person. If not, we will surely meet in heaven.


Sandi said...

What a beautiful wedding. Someday I want to visit the south and check out the history. I always kind of wished I was a southern gal.

Said a prayer for you.

Demara said...

Boy, that was an "elegant" wedding! And Horrah for your house selling...I pray you find another home real fast! Amen!!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

A true Southern wedding, and that boat! And that food!!!!

Great news about the house. I'll be praying.


melanie said...

What a beautiful wedding- great pictures!

I'll certainly keep you in my prayers. I know God will provide what you need.

Vicki said...

I love weddings! Thanks for sharing this! Btw, you look so pretty...such nice photos. What a beautiful wedding venue, too. Two out of three of my children were married outside, too.

Count on my prayers...please keep me updated. I care.