Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My new baby

If you remember back- on this post I talked about how much I enjoyed spending some time with my big brother as he played his fiddle with a few people.
I had the best time and was going to borrow my SIL's dulcimer...but I really hated to borrow something that was a gift from her hubby. Can you imagine....Uh, oops I broke your present.
NO...I don't think so.
Sooooo, remembering that I will soon have one of those days you have to celebrate that you are
now another year older......I decided to ask for a early gift from my hubby.
Actually he was pretty happy because he was racking his brain
trying to figure out what to get me.
I know you are dying to see a picture of my new baby.
Here she is.....

Isn't she beautiful?
You can't see it that well but at the top there are two birds cut out of the wood...I choose to think they are red birds. Cuz ya know I have a thing about red birds. They remind me of His love.
And then look at the bottom....how about that for a reminder?

The music for a dulcimer looks a little different than a normal music sheet. It is also a lot easier to read...thus it makes it easier to learn to play the instrument.
Here is a song that they play on Monday nights.
The three rows are for the three strings. You will also notice the numbering. The dulcimer has bars under the strings kind of like a guitar. If it says 3....you go down to three and put your finger on whatever string they tell you to. If there is no number you don't have to put your finger on any string. Pretty easy don't you think?
I have to remind you that I did not grow up on mountain music......and since I can not read music....this is more my pace right now.
Remember this?
So this is my pace right now.....I'll let you know the first time I feel confident enough to play with the Monday night crew.
Can a person in their early/mid 40's learn to play an instrument?

Question for all of you who had some Philosophy in college or read it in a book.
My brother was wondering in a post on his blog what this principle is called------New concepts, to which someone has little or no reference point, take time to introduce or else the person will think they are either silly or misguided and will dismiss them out of hand.

He is doing a little research on our society. And there lack of awareness about why America
was founded and the first place--our foundation.


try2bAsunbeam said...

She is purdy!!! My Aunt played the dulcimer, if I remeber correctly, and I am positive you will do just fine! I think music is a way to worship...(as long as the music is pleasing to God)
As for your brother's question, I couldn't decide if it was supposed to be a joke or not...Obviously I don't have any letters behind my name...Just the" Mrs." before! lol But it sounds like the principle is arrogance. Like when I say how to wire a light or how to build a cabinet and people say, "where'd you go to school?" "Oh, well, I only made it through 8th grade due to, well, LIFE so I didn't learn what I know in school" And then they snuff you off as knowing nothing because you read a book and learned the same thing they went to school for 4 years to learn...Is that what he means? Or is it really some deep question that my simple mind doesn't comprehend?? If it is just a simple thing I can't understand, I am OK with that :)


MelanieJoy said...

"She" looks tailor made for you!!
Keep up the practice! Girl, you need to warn me before you jump from the black background...haha...just kidding. I went for my walk and feel much better. Every time I turned the corner another one of my family members joined the track...=)
Love ya Girl!

Nise' said...

ooo how pretty! Can't wait to "hear" you play us a song. I still want to learn to play the piano.

Anonymous said...

My dear friend, if I, in my late more than 40, can learn how to throw a few punches and kicks and even knock a person out, you CAN learn how to play an instrument. Happy Early Birthday! You know you're going to have bring your "baby" when we meet up now, yes?

Sandi said...

Good for you. Learning the dulcimer. I might be tempted if you can learn. I always wanted to play an instrument. I can read music as I sing.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

That is really neat! You'll have to post a video of you playing!! =)

Halfmoon Girl said...

Good for you- what a beautiful new baby! It is so good for our brains to learn new things- don't get discouraged- you can do it!

luvmy4sons said...

How awesome is that? Way too cool! It is beautiful. I think it is very exciting that you are trying this. I know you will do well. Keep at it girlfriend!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm ready for the youtube video, of your mountain gang hammerin' out the tunes! What fun. I commend you for taking to change like a duck takes to water. Go for it.


Alisun said...

The birds were there for you (red) yes indeed what a joy and and yep you can learn something new at any age.

Mary said...


I enlarged the photo and your birthday dulcimer is BEAUTIFUL!!! I know you can learn to play this girl. Just be determined and soon you will be pickin' and singin' with the Monday night group.

Brandon will take guitar lessons in school this year - acoustic guitar lessons and Jordan already has an acoustic guitar that my husband and I gave him for Christmas a couple of years ago. Brandon will need a guitar before his lessons start. If he has difficulty, I will have to see if I can find him a dulcimer and some sheet music. It looks fairy easy.

Thank you for sharing your baby with us. I love her and hope once you are playing that you will record some music for us.

Glad you enjoyed the tour of the Grand River. If you are ever up this way we will have to go fishing.


mandy said...

Wow. Strange and interesting all at the same time. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that!

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

wow... I expect a youtube presentation soon.. right??

that is a beautiful instrument...maybe I can pull out my accordion and we can have a little band going... smile

Denise said...

Beautiful....... and I would love to learn to play that thing! It is very pretty to look at......... and Yes I like Connie expect a You Tube diddy in the near furture......

I used to play the accordion and now and learning the guitar..! We are headed to a band for sure.........

SunnySusan said...

that is so neat...I love it...and yes you can learn to play.
I have an old autoharp...remember those...I should dust it off and play.....

Vicki said...

What a wonderful b'day gift! It's so beautiful, too. My brother taught himself to play banjo but I can't play a thing. Would love to hear those dulcimer sounds!