Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fall Giveaway!

Fall giveaway.....THE Siesta Fiesta Cookbook!

Now we all know as the weather starts to turn a little cooler......we will start pulling out those cookbooks to try new recipes.
Recently Holly of Crown Laid Down brought together many of the favorite recipes of lots of us bloggers. Where did the cookbook get its name?
The name of the cookbook came from Beth Moore.....she calls all of us female bloggers her-- Siestas. Siestas because we were having the first blogger get together
in San Antonio this past month.
Holly got a brilliant idea from God. She would truly bring all of us Siestas together by putting together a cookbook for us with recipes from us. Yes, you will find a few of my recipes in here too. And you will probably find many other women in the book that you blog with daily. There are cute stories and quotes from family. Pictures......yes, there is even one of Beth.
I got the cookbooks in today........and they are BEAUTIFUL! Holly, you did a great job!
I can't wait to try some of the great things inside. And if you leave a comment can soon enjoy some of these fabulous recipes too!The great thing about this beautiful book? For each cookbook that is goes to drill a well with Life Today with James and Betty Robinson.
How cool is that?
And of course if you don't win and you would still like to have one......just hop on over to Holly's and she will tell you how to get one.
Psssst!...I think they will make fabulous Christmas presents. ;)
Did I mention that this cookbook has over 300 pages?
So leave a comment here and next week at this's Wednesday....I will draw a winner!
And yes, this is open to EVERYONE!


Halfmoon Girl said...

Oh, these cookbooks are my favorites- a compilation of everyone's best recipes! yum. Since I know what a great cook you are, I would love to have some more of your recipes.

How are you doing today?

Mary said...


What a wonderful idea and Holly brought it full circle. Congratulations to all who had recipes in the book.

Please enter my name. I think you are right. My MIL would love one of these for Christmas and the fact that the proceeds go to drill a well is wonderful.

Thanks for inviting me over for a visit. Things have been hectic but hopefully all of the renovations will be done soon. Besides those, I have been watching the boys, but they are in school through the day now, so it will only be a few nights a month. I've also had many articles to write, so I've been a busy gal. I'll try to visit more often.


Denise said...

Looks really awesome sis.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I just got a new stove, and it is achin' for some new recipes. Me too! I'm not a great cook, but I can sure read some instructions. My family will thank you!

As to your thoughts on my post, please know that I thought of you a great deal today as I was writing. I still scratch my head over that season in my life. Mostly because of some of the racial tensions that existed in our community at that time and apparently still are.

It's good to make some peace with those days, but it has been a looonnnggg road. Truly, those we helped are the memories most precious to me.

It nearly wore me out then, and even today, I hurt with the writing.

peace and blessing to you all~elaine

mandy said...


I've gotta remember to check back here on Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea! Please put me down for an entry. I made a promise to my dd today that I wasn't going to buy any more books for a full year from today.

micaela6955 said...

wow! I just got back from San Antonio and a convention I went to this past weekend! And yes, we love this type of food-hubby actually was in food heaven eating all those wonderful tacos and Mexican meals and wishing his wife could cook like that. Maybe this book will help me, lol. Wished I could have also met up with some fellow bloggers in SA last weekend!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Angie said...

I'd love to be entered :)

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Sistah!!
I'm back, rested, and ready to visit!! Thanks for your prayers, my hubby and I were so blessed at camp. Hey I put new pics up and you can see where I put your name inside the prayer tent!! Many prayed over all the requests. Wow a cookbook!! okay please enter my name, my hubby is the cook, bless his heart, but hey I might just surprise him with a new dish lol..

Hugz Lorie

luvmy4sons said...

Thanks so much for your prayers and visits to my blog while I recover from this injury. It means so much. I am trying to visit a few bloggy friends hwile my neck allows it. Advanced posting is sure helping out at my place. You are always so generous with your givewaways! God bless you!

Alisun said...

Yes Yes Yes I would a cookbook and receipes from you too even better sharon.

Nancy said...

What a super idea, you can count me in, one more cookbook is always welcome and from bloggers its bound to be special.

Amy said...

Ok I'm going to enter! It could spur on a lacking interest in my culinary skills...not sure thats possible but it has a cute cover so you never know.

SunnySusan said...

I would love this cookbook....count me in my friend

kamewh said...

I would love to be entered!! Thank you for the giveaway!

Lynn said...

Great offer, great project. May God bless and prosper this work. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes yes I am In too!!! How special from all our blogging siestas, Love It!!! Thanks:)

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Enter me! I need a new cookbook!! =)

luvmy4sons said...

Does that mean I have to cook? LOL! Just kidding maybe a new cookbook will spark the eating duldrums aroudn here! You are so generous!

Nise' said...

Enter me please! This would be extra special because many blogging friends contributed yummy receipes!