Sunday, August 10, 2008

A little love...time to pass it on!

Just the other day I was wondering where all the awards went.
For awhile they were flying here and there and you would have to watch out or you might get smacked by one.
I probably got a little slack in passing them but thank you to those who kept them moving around blogdom. You just never know when someone's heart is feeling a little empty or down and a little bloggy loves reminds them that they are not alone.
So, remember (speaking to myself) to pass on the love.
I met a new sistah the other day. Do you know how special it is that we would get to meet one that we are going to spend eternity with...way before eternity?
Think about are meeting a long lost Sister or brother.
You were separated at sin. Then Jesus went out and found them and brought them back into the family. And then one day-- when you were even unaware that they were out there....He brought them by. Think about cool that you would get to meet a sister you did not even know you had. Wouldn't you want to just sit and get to know her?
Anyway, one of my new introductions was to a lovely lady at Encouragement From the Heart. And she passed along these beautiful awards. Thank you!
I know that some of you already have these.....but, I am going to encourage you to pass them along. Some Sister's heart may just need it.
So...... please take these as a sign of my love and His Too!
I pray that your heart will be touched and that you will remember you are not without family who loves you dearly.

I don't have a blogroll. I just don't want anyone to come by and not see their name there and feel left out. So if you come by and we have spoken.......please take one. Because you know....I love you....because His love is in my heart. And, if you are a friend of are a friend of mine.
And if you have not become a friend of His yet, Let me know
and I can fill you in on how to remedy that. ;)

And one more......if you are a Sister by Blood and you have not taken on of the Buttons in the sidebar......go ahead and grab one!
But, let me know because I love to meet new Sisters!

And, for a little business.....if you have not signed up for the is the last day!
Check the sidebar.....I will draw tomorrow.


Blog Queen said...

Another beautiful message on this glorious Sunday morning. I'd like to add this post to my website section titled Posts of the Day...

and that way, we can all pass it on.

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sharon, love you too my friend:) Have a Blessed Sunday:)

D said...

Hi Sharon, just wanted to say 'hello'. Finally popping by to read some blogs. Sounds like you're getting closer & closer to the Lord. Still praying for you & your family! D

luvmy4sons said... ya!

Amanda said...

Your words leave me speachless. I'd like to link to this post @ my blog too. God Bless you, Sharon. Love ya!

melanie said...

Congrats on your awards!!

And thank you so much for your sweet email- it meant so much to me!!!!!

Nancie said...

Hi Sharon, Thanks for stopping by my blog and your encouragement. Congrats on your awards! You have such a sweet and loving heart to share these awards with all your friends. God bless you for such kindness! It is indeed wonderful to meet children of God wherever they are. Such a privilege that we can meet in this blogging world though we may not meet on earth! Take care and God bless you always!

Denise said...

I love, love, love you .

Denise said...

HEY THERE SISTER!!!!!!!!! I so need a sister in my life and the Lord has given me many on this blog!!!!!! I may not get to see your face this side of heaven but I already know you!!!!!!!!

Have a blessed week sis!!!!

Joyfulsister said...

God has blessed you with the beautiful gift of words that touches the very soul of those who read it. I know it touched mine, Thank you so much. I love the way that you are passing this on, and may those who recieve it know that there is sisterhood of God's daughters just a click away..
Hugz my Sistah!